Microsoft foldable keyboard?

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Hello Everyone,

Maybe I want to buy the microsoft foldable keyboard. Is there someone who uses this keyboard and can give me a short review about the keyboard? What are the pro's and con's. The price is a little bit high... I know. :D



Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Friday, May 5, 2017

I have the microsoft foldable keyboard and I find it very funny to use. I am using it both with iPhone and with a 5 inch mini-pc with windows10, bought via an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.
What to do with this keyboard, well, it depends on what you need.
Do you need a keyboard which must be just used to write notes on smartphone and tablet? The keyboard is perfect, you can connect it to 2 devices and switch from one to another with the press of a key.
The highest line of keys, has special keys: Escape, switch device1, switch device2, mute, volume down, volume up, prev track, play, next track, search/spotlight, lock screen, and then the last key I have never understood what it is needed for.
Then you have the last row which has space bar, divided in 2 parts, and at the left you have fn key, alt, windows/home, control. And at the right you have alt gr, control, and arrow keys.
If you need complex key combinations you need to press the fn key.
For example, in Windows, to press alt+f4, you must press alt+fn+number 4, I'd not suggest to use it with a mac; on Windows, you may get used on it, but I would not suggest it to all users, just consider which compatibility you need.
To perform the VO, i.e. control and option, keys, you must press control and alt; the alt is the third key from the left, the control is the first. They are all square and small, let's assume the alt and control keys are the same size of letter F, on the mac's keyboard.
G and H keys, are long rectangles, same for T, and N.
Then you have a normal qwerty layout; remember that if you are used to press the B with the right finger, writing with 10 fingers, you'd fit better to wtite the B with the left hand, and the Y with the right.
This is not a keyboard I'd suggest for people with difficulties writing, but if you feel comfortable on every keyboard, it's a really comfortable solution, its size, closed, is like a compact disk, it can stand inside a pocket or a lady's bag together with the smartphone and wallet, I have a pocket where I put both iPhone 6+ and keyboard, you know we ladies have a lot of inutilities in bags, so, one more or one less, doesn't change.
You have no on/off switch. Close the keyboard, it's off. Open it, and it's ready to use.
To pair, just press switch1 long, or switch2, and you are ready to associate it.
I love it for myself, but, consider all what I said about layout and key combinations, before you buy it; think of your needs, my satisfaction is related to my personal needs.

Submitted by Falco on Friday, May 5, 2017


Thanks for your review. It was very helpfull. I want to use it with my iPhone 6. What about the build quality? Is it important to use it on a stable underground like a table? And the keytravel is it good. Does it feel like typing on a keyboard of a small laptop like a macbook air?