megaboom or sound link revolve plus?

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Today I looked at two speakers. ue megaboom and bose sound link revolve plus.
Wich of these is better?
I can't decide on wich to buy. the revolve is more expensive.
Can I use siri with both of these?
The problem with my jbl charge 3 was that there was too much delay between the phone and the Bluetooth speaker.



Submitted by Brian Giles on Thursday, January 18, 2018

I think you can use Siri with both. I would've gotten a revolve plus if I didn't go with a sonos one. I loved my older sound link mobile II, but the newer bluetooth version of the newer speakers were reason enough to upgrade.

Submitted by Justin on Thursday, January 18, 2018

I think the SoundLink revolve uses an like a bose app on your iOS device. Not sure how accessible with VO it is. As you're saying, your delay from the BT speaker isn't a problemm with the speaker, it's bluetooth audio in general, some speakers have less of a delay than others. I'm not sure if the revolve needs this app or not, but I thought I heard somewhere that it has to use this app to control it's functions. If anyone has the revolve on here, please comment below and put your thoughts. I'd honestly go with either the mega Boom, or the sound link mini 2 speaker.

Submitted by Brian Giles on Friday, January 19, 2018

You don't technically need the app, but it does allow some enhancements such as connecting two speakers together to make a stereo pair. I don't know how accessible that would be though. You also need the app to do firmware updatesow That's the only thing I use the app for with my q35s. The app is useable, but takes a lot of patience as few buttons have proper labels. This is another reason I went with a Sonos. Now I'm just patiently waiting for them to add air play.

Submitted by Andy Lane on Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hi, without any doubt what so ever, go with the Bose revolve plus. I bought 2 Mega Booms and 2 Boom 2’s with the idea of linking them all together which should be possible in the app. When I got them home I was very unhappy with the sound quality of both the mega boom and boom 2. They are mushy, undefined, lack bass or treble and are just unpleasant to listen to compaired with many options out there. I should mension I am very picky over my audio equipment so don’t want to upset anyone who is very happy with their mega boom’s or boom 2’s. All I am saying is when there are other options available, the boom family of speakers can’t live up to the competition. When I bought them, one of the main selling points to me was the fact they are completely waterproof however after listening to them at home I realised I had sacrificed too much sound quality for a feature I could live without. They are also not true 360 degree speakers, instead they use a 180 degree arrangement of 2 drivers which means you get patchy coverage radiating from the speakers. Now on to the app, It is unusable with VO, this means as a bluetooth speaker they work fine however any of the advanced features like doubling the speakers up, the alarm feature, the ability to put multiple speakers into blocks and the party up feature are unusable to a VO user. The battery life is pretty good on them though. Anyway, I decided I really couldn’t live with the sound quality so went to try out the Bose Revolve plus. I was very impressed and bought 2. The sound quality is nothing short of amazing for such a small speaker, the bass is present and punchy, the treble is defined the mids are pretty good, the double up feature to link the 2 revolve plus’s I bought is easily performed from the speakers buttons and the app is even kind of usable if incredibly frustrating with VO. In short, listen to them both and make your own decision but if you wanted some advice it would be to go with the Bose and learn from my incredibly expensive mistake.

Submitted by Andy Lane on Saturday, January 20, 2018

I forgot a couple of extras. The battery life on the Bose is also very good, it uses a downward firing single driver which then reflects outward in a true 360 degree patern and has a pretty clever dynamic graphic EQ which bose don’t talk about but basically what it does is increases bass at low volumes and reduces as the volume increases. This means the speaker sounds really good at low volume and as the volume increases it can still sound reasonable even though its a very small speaker.

Submitted by Justin on Saturday, January 20, 2018

That's kinda like my bose Soundlink mini 2. It has more bass at low volume than at high.

Submitted by aflashman on Sunday, September 16, 2018

In reply to by Andy Lane

I have two Bose Revolve Plus speakers and while the sound is great, connectivity can be a nightmare. There are a couple of threads over at the Bose forum about this.

So I have an Android phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I can usually get stereo mode to to work, but Party mode is buggy. Sometimes it connects to Party mode within 30 seconds, but at other times, it can take up to 25 minutes for the sound to start coming out the second speaker after the connection has been made. And then it will just randomly drop out.

It gets worse. I tried using my iPad instead and for a while it was working perfectly, both stereo and Party modes. So I thought I would try my phone again. It connected but now I couldn't get any sound to come out of the speakers (apart from the Bose voice announcing that the speakers were connected). To be clear I had turned off Bluetooth on iPad so there was no confusion. So I switched back to the iPad but the same problem happened there. No sound. Then mysteriously after a while (over an hour) without my doing anything sound started coming out of the speakers again.

Later I tried another experiment. I have a Garmin Vivoactive sports watch that is constantly connected to my phone. So I turned my watch off. Now my phone was connecting and Party mode was working, and I was able to switch between Party and Stereo mode without trouble.

The thing is, while I can get the speakers to work it can a hassle (how much of hassle will depend on your circumstances). I can never know for sure whether it will work. By comparison UE Boom (1st gen) connectivity is flawless. The UE app has been updated and you can set it so that when you turn on one speaker it will automatically turn on your other speaker and immediately link them in either stereo or Party mode. This is such a great feature. The main benefit of Bluetooth speakers is convenience. Sure we love great sound but not if you feel like you have to tear your hair out with frustration trying to get the speakers to work. I am pretty good with tech things too, so it's not my incompetence. I have been researching solutions and conducting my own experiments methodically. I have tried just about everything.

Another thing to consider is Bluetooth range. The revolve has a rather short range. Even in my apartment it can get a bit wobbly if my phone is in another room. Not so with the UE Booms. Their range is three times greater than Bose.

Bose make nice sounding speakers, but they must either be using inferior Bluetooth technology or their software is not up to the standard of UE or JBL (another brand with flawless connectivity).

In summary if you just want one speaker and if you don't mind a range of about 10 metres (max so long as no walls) the Bose Revolve Plus is very good. If you want two speakers and have an iPhone or iPad it can be very good too. Android is more hit and miss. And as I discovered the speakers have problems with the Garmin Vivoactive if connected to an Android phone. But since I have turned my watch off I haven't had a problem (fingers crossed) and the sound is excellent.

So in my book Bose gets an A for sound and a D for connectivity. All that said I think I understand its connectivity quirks now and it is working for me and I am happy with it.

Edit: Actually the problem might not be iOS versus Android but rather the revolve seems to prefer an exclusive connection to the streaming device. I have discovered that turning off my smart watch fixes my problem. So the device works but I still think it has below average connectivity (but above average sound).

Submitted by Voracious P. Brain on Sunday, September 9, 2018

I had a Revolve for a while (not the plus), and I concur with all the comments posted thus far. The Bose is a usability dream: it talks, it has cryptic button combinations for all its functions, it can serve as a USB audio device, as well as having auxiliary in and bluetooth. It really feels classy in the hand, too. The mini link 2 is still a better value. I'm not crazy about the way Bose manipulates the sound digitally, though. Digital EQ. I feel confident it's the best in the portable class of little mono speakers, though. I decided instead to go ape shit and buy a refurbished Deep Blue 2 and a Marshall Woburn. The Woburn is fantastic compared to anything else: warm, natural, fat sound, old-school chrome knobs, etc. That's the original Woburn, not the overpriced newer one. These aren't portables, though.
The Bose app is indeed problematic, and necessary for stereo pairing or firmware updates.