Making video clips to demo software inaccessibility

Hardware and Accessories

I think the solution here is a tripod for my phone, but what do others think? I often want to demo to a developer how some aspect of their Windows software is inaccessible. I have tried taking screen shots, but it doesn’t show me actually attempting to use the inaccessible feature.

What I really need to do is make a video clip of me using the software while I explain the problem (see how focus tracking is bad here” or “see how the only way you can arrange the columns in this grid is by dragging and dropping”.

Anyway, a friend suggested I needed a tripod that would enable me to accurately point my phone camera to capture the Windows screen and then I’d just use some painter’s tape to mark on my desk exactly where to stick the tripod.

I have an iPHONE SE and I’m sure they’d be very helpful at the Apple store, but I was hoping others might know of a cheaper source and would know of a tripod that would always let me accurately position the camera.

Video editing with iMovie is surprisingly accessible, but camera positioning is not.