On Loving Lanyards

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Because I am not reviewing a specific lanyard, I'm writing this post here. I am surprised I haven't found more fans of lanyards -- especially among the blind -- for iDevices. If my phone isn't on the charger, it's around my neck -- often with hmy Earpods. I sometimes operate the phone without holding it, and with Braille apps, I never fear my phone is going to crash if I hold on too lightly or it slips. A lanyard supports the phone while writing in braille apps in the away position very well, and knowing where it is at all times when out adds a sense of security. In order to stealit, someone would have to get way too close , and its absence (or their hands) on my chest would be felt instantly. In the winter or in situations where it doesn't feel safe to have it on display, it goes under my clothing. I've heard keeping it warm in the winter is a good thing anyway. lanyards can limit the kinds of cases for the phone, but there are cases with holes made for lanyards through which to go. Am I the only fan of lanyards for iDevices?.



Submitted by Chelsea on Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hi Rebecca, I have seen these lanyards for iDevices, but have never tried one. I guess I'm always leary of the phone falling off and either dropping on something hard or me not knowing about it--I cary a lot of keys and badges around my neck anyway. Your other problem might be the port. I've seen very few to no lanyards with a lightning connector.