Looking for iPhone armband recommendations

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Hello to you all. I'm in the want for a case for my phone that fits on my arm this way I don't need to hold the phone while using my cane and I can run, or walk or what not and still take video and stuff. I want the case though to have a tight fit this way if I'm running the phone won't slip off my hand. I've never heard of these until last year so am curious as to how these work. I also want to still be able to use the phone in said case, if I need to of corse.

Thanks all.



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Thursday, March 9, 2017

I personally use the Running Buddy, found on Amazon.com. This is a soft case that has a magnetic flap which fits inside the waist band of your running shorts. The pouch itself then folds over and catches the magnets. These magnets are very strong. The pouch has two pockets, the larger one for the iPhone and the smaller, inner pocket, behind the phone, useful for ID, house keys, wipes, etc. The phone is protected from scratches from the keys because of the pocket divider. I use the iPhone 6S and chose the 6S plus model to give me that little bit of extra space. I love this pouch and use it all the time, when walking with my guide dog or while working out. It has a DryFit material for the flap that goes inside the waist band, which dries quickly. The entire thing is washable when needed.

I personally recommend this instead of an arm band because you can carry more than just the phone.