Looking for a hands-free iPHONE holder

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So with all the apps out there that give information about your environment as you walk, plus all the apps that read text or describe images, I'm looking for a way to carry my iPHONE hands-free with the camera facing the world.
One idea I had was to sew a pocket in a baseball cap; the pocket would need to be strong and possibly transparent or have a hole for the camera. The idea is that I could turn my head to point the camera. It would be even cooler if somehow Bluetooth headphones could be built right in to the cap.
The phone would then be resting lightly on my forehead, tucked safely inside the hat's brim.

Though I probably sew well enough to create this, it would be ugly. I wonder if anything like this has been manufactured already.
It seems like journalists who want to take multiple videos with the phone would have a similar need. They would want to not have to carry the phone while shoting scenes.
Then again, sighted people seem to feel comfortable carrying their phones while walking. I use a dog and one hand holds the harness while the other gives hand signals. The idea of trying to free a hand to carry my phone makes me phobic. I tuck it in a safe pouch in my pocket, purse or on my belt. This isn't ideal for pointing the camera at things.



Submitted by jane suh on Friday, May 18, 2018

I've also been on a search for a solution to be hands-free.
One case I've found is


This is a Cell Phone Lanyard Strap Case, Universal Smartphone Cover with Adjustable Soft Neck Strap Holder For iPhone X 8 7 6 Plus 5 SE iPod Touch Samsung
Galaxy S9 S8 S7 S6 Edge J7 Note 8 Google Pixel 2.
I want to try this out.
I'd also like it to have pockets so I can put my Hooke or Ambeo headset in.

Submitted by OldBear on Friday, May 18, 2018

I keep my iPhone in an OtterBox. It has a clamp-like clip on the back of a detachable holder. You can put the phone in front, or back outward.
Sometimes I find myself clipping it on my shirt collar when I'm trying to do something. If you turned on the camera and did that, it seems like it would work.
If you weren't interested in the OtterBox, you could sew a pouch with hook and loop closure and camera hole. Then attach a detachable strap of some sort to go around your neck.