looking for a good accessible wireless charger for my iPhone 8

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What is a good accessible wireless charger for the iPhone 8. I am using VoiceOver and a Focus 14 braille display. I am totally blind. Wayne Scott



Submitted by Dave Nason on Friday, May 10, 2019

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hi Wayne. From an accessibility point of view, there is nothing to be concerned about, they all work the same way. When you place your phone on the pad, it starts charging and you hear the charging sound on the phone. Apple sell a couple in the Apple Store online, but you will also find cheaper options elsewhere such as Amazon. As long as it’s a Qi charger, you’re good to go. Some lie flat, while others stand upright. If you also own an Apple Watch, you might want to consider a charger which incorporates both, such as from Nomad or Belkin.

Submitted by peter on Friday, May 10, 2019

I recently picked up the Choetech dual wireless charger based on a recommendation from someone on this forum. I am very pleased with it.

I wanted a dual wireless charger because I also recently picked up a pair of the new AirPods with their wireless charging case. This device works great for both.

I also have an iPhone XR. The device is a flat pat that is about the size of the XR. When I charge both the Airpods and the iPhone I put the Airpods on one side and lie the phone sidewaise so that it hangs over each edge by just a bit. so the device is small and easy to pack, but fits and charges both at the same time. One can also charge two iPhone in the same manner by putting them side by side with each hanging a bit off both sides of the device.