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Hello everyone. I'm looking for recommendations for a comfortable Bluetooth ear piece or head set. Specifically, I’m wondering if there is an ear piece that is small enough to allow me to lay on my side while I’m wearing the device in the ear that is against my pillow. I would mainly be using this ear piece for listening to things while I fall asleep. I have an old Bluetooth ear piece that works ok, but it has a large, square part that sticks out of the ear. When I search on Google and Amazon I see a lot of Bluetooth ear pieces that claim to be ultra-small and practically invisible; however, I cannot tell if any of these are small enough to, practically, not stick out of the ear at all. Perhaps there is no such thing as a headset that is that small, or with that slim a profile, but I would appreciate hearing any recommendations.

Some supplementary factors.

I’m mainly looking for a mono ear piece, but I would have no problem with a stereo headset if I could sleep in it. I know about the bed phones and sleep phones, but I don’t really like the headband style of such options; however, if someone has positive things to say about headband style headphones I would be happy to hear it. This is much less important than comfort, but my old headset goes into a loud, low quality mode when I use Siri, does anyone have ear pieces that do not do this?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or info and have a nice day.



Submitted by Deborah Armstrong on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Stop searching for an earpiece or headphone and search for a pillow speaker instead. I bought one years ago from CCrane that I really love.
They usually have really long cords so you won't knock your phone off your nightstand when you roll over. You can also search for a Bluetooth pillow speaker. I think I'll ask for one of those for Christmas!

The advantage of wires is that the thing won't be discharging all night.

Submitted by Tree on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My wife is a super super light sleeper; she has to use ear plugs if it's even raining outside. She would never be able to sleep while I had a speaker pillow playing right beside her.

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