Logitech ComboTouch Pro & 2021 iPad Pro issues

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So, got my new M1 iPad Pro and the new ComboTouch keyboard case from Logitech. As with the previous generation, the lock button on the keyboard doesn’t work and now the tripple click home button doesn’t work either. To be clear, these are both buttons on the keyboard, the iPad button still works fine. The bigger issue is that the iPad won’t lock while voiceover is on. Pushing either the iPad lock button or even closing the case results in the ipad at best not doing anything and at worst. Locks and instantly unlocks again. Everything works perfectly when VO is off. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! I reached out to Logitech with no response as of yet.



Submitted by Andy Lane on Friday, May 28, 2021

Hi I have the Brydge Pro with an M1 iPad and although its the best device of any description I’ve ever owned, better than a phone, better than a laptop. The best of both, I’m having the exact same problem so I’m assuming its another apple bug with voiceover. If I turn VO off The lock button works but with it on the iPad completely ignores the button. I also have a microphone button I assume for dictate or Siri but that doesn’t work with either VO on or off. Sorry thats not very helpful as generally apple bugs don’t seem to be addressed for example when editing text VO still misses huge blocks of text which is pretty basic stuff but I thought you’d like to know its not something specific to the Logitech. How are you getting on with the Logitech? I went for the Brydge because it makes the iPad exactly like a cute little laptop, I haven’t seen a Logitech though. I wanted it because you can just detach the ipad easily but from all the descriptions the kickstand seemed like it would stop me using the ipad on my knee which I really wanted.

Submitted by Maldalain on Saturday, May 29, 2021

I have the same keyboard that you have, I contacted Accessibility at Apple and they replied with a confirmation they reported the issue to the specialised team. This has been an issue for me for almost a month. The iPad won’t lock unless VoiceOver is off, this is an Apple bug not Logitech’s I also sent Feedback on the Feedback app to Apple. I think they won’t do anything about it soon. So I disabled automatic screen locking, and I manually lock the screen and switch VO off. Please do send Apple Accessibility the details of the issue, this way we confirm to Apple that this is not a problem with one device. I posted about this issue here on AppleVis. One member confirmed to have the same issue.

Submitted by Jon M on Saturday, May 29, 2021

I went down to Best buy yesterday with my iPad to try a few out. It seems this is a problem with every Third party keyboard I tried. Different buttons on different keyboards have problems, but it seems it’s not isolated to Logitech. I did love the Logi ComboTouch but ended up returning it due to it’s limitations. I ended up getting the Apple Magic Keyboard instead. While the typing experience is great as well as the trackpad, there is no function row and therefor no hotkeys. I did find a workaround in the Full keyboard access for some of the funtionality cut not all. The larger issue with the case is that the iPad wobbles significantly when double tapping on the screen. It makes it very difficult as you need to hold the screen with one hand and tap with the other. Thanks all for your feedback. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one!