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OK, OK, I know the topic sounds strange, but, here's the deal...

I'm looking for a good speaker(s) where I can pipe my iPod/iPhone audio into them that I can use frequently in a (potentially) steamy bathroom situation. In other words, I'm looking for an accessory that is pretty much totally waterproof that I can use to listen to music and other audio while, say, taking a shower. I would have my iDevice likely in the next room at its closest to the accessory, so I would need good range on the speaker(s). I'm also looking for something that, preferably, has conventional batteries, so that I don't have to be finding yet another place to charge a device over USB or wall charger. (I already have too many of those things around!)

Any (accessible) recommendations?



Submitted by Misty Dawn on Thursday, July 3, 2014

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Thanks much, but can you or anyone else tell me whether there is sufficient tactile labeling of buttons, etc? If not, can anyone with enough sight please go onto that website and see if they can tell whether there is tactile labeling? Also, what is the range on this?


Submitted by Jim D on Thursday, July 3, 2014

There is a very inexpensive and easy solution to this problem. Like you, I sometimes enjoy listening to music and audio books while in the shower. I was always worried about using my iPhone for this purpose. Then, out of necessity, I had to travel outside with my phone in the pouring rain. I placed my phone in a sealed sandwich size ziplock bag. The phone stayed drier than a desert. I then reasoned that if a ziplock bag works for the rain, it would certainly stand up to the steam of a shower. So, when I want music or audio in the bathroom, I just put my phone in a sealed ziplock bag. The internal speaker is plenty loud enough and I don't have to worry about bluetooth connectivity or batteries for another device. To a certain point, you can even perform basic voiceover commands while the phone is in the bag.
Hope this helps.

Submitted by john dowling on Friday, July 4, 2014

I went to my aunts house and it had a suction cup on it and it was compatible with Bluetooth you could also use it to take and receive phone calls I don't know what the name and Spreaker is or where to purchase