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Hi, has anyone used the boxwave keyboard buddy case? What do you think of them? Does it beap if the battery is about to go dead in the case?



Submitted by Tree on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I had the buddy case for the iphone 4 many years ago. Back then my experience was pretty mixed. Typing on the case was so so, but pretty often the keyboard would register multiple key presses even though I was only pressing a single key. I think this was some kind of issue with the keyboards connection or software, not the hardware, but I could be wrong about this. the build quality was not great either. Eventually, I gave up on the case and just used a super early on screen braille keyboard that came way before braille touch; this early braille option was much much worse then what we have now, but I still found it better then the buddy keyboard case. I think most people will be better off with on screen braille keyboards, if they know braille. If you don't know braille, and don't want to try and learn, some kind of keyboard case could be worth a shot, maybe you will have a better experience then I did.

Submitted by alex wallis on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hi, I got this case for my iPhone 5 I think it was and had a terrible experience with it, frequently it would wake my phone up in my pocket even though I hadn't opened the case, plus I didn't like the layout. I also had a terrible time getting a refund out of boxwave, I had to make a real nuisance of myself by complaining a lot very publicly on there facebook wall when they failed to reply to my emails requesting a refund. best keyboard which I still use with my iPhone even now I found is the nuu minikey for iPhone 4s, though I doubt it will be available now, I particularly like the layout on this keyboard and preferred it to the layout on the version they did for the 5 and above. Obviously I can't use it as a case now but I still use the keyboard part fine. Unfortunately I don't think any manufacturers do cases for any of the plus versions of phones. I am starting to have to think about a replacement for my faithful nuu minikey as some of the keys don't press as well as they used to and sometimes don't respond to being pressed or insert multiple letters.

Submitted by alex wallis on Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hi, yes that is the keyboard I am on about, and no see the rest of my post I don't use the case part of the keyboard any more because phones are obviously now much larger than the 4s so don't fit, but the keyboard part still works fine. I have a 7 plus at the moment and will probably get the x in October.

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