Issue With IOS 9.1 And Keys2Go Bluetooth Keyboard

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I am usingh IOS 9.1 on an IPhone 6S+. I paired my new Keys2Go Bluetooth Keyboard to the phone and was able to use Quick Nav etc. Trouble is that, when I try to type into edit fields, for example, creating text messages, characters typed are often repeated, spaces are missed out and, in general, the message is unintelligibal. Is there any way to sort this, in order that I can use the keyboard to enter text more easily to my IPhone, for texting, Notes, WORD etc? If there is a workaround, could someone on here please give step-by-step instructions?



Submitted by Chris Smart on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

This problem isn't just with that particular keyboard. The fix is easy to apply though. ON your Keys-To-Go, the top left corner key is your home button. Hit it three times quickly to turn Voiceover off, and three times quickly again to turn Voiceover back on. Your typing should go fine. So, this seems to be a Voiceover bug.
I know it's tedious and this problem has persisted for months, but could people experiencing it report this to I'm also submitting it to the beta program since I'm enrolled there.

Submitted by Morgan Watkins on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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I have two Keys-To-Go keyboards and am also running IOS 9.1 on an iPhone 6S Plus. I have not had the same problem that you have witnessed on either of my units, but I agree that using the top-left button on the keyboard to turn VoiceOver On and Off might help. I sometimes see other odd behaviors and use that same work-around. I have also occasionally turned off the keyboard via the switch in the top-right corner and then turn it back on. For the most part, I have had very few hiccups with this keyboard and really like using it.

Hi. I have the keys to go also and was finding this a problem though I love the keyboard and I think my husband is after 1 too. I have also noticed that the reader in safari appears to have disappeared. I'm following along with the podcast about Bluetooth keyboards and safari. Is this just me? Using latest IOS and an iPhone 5SE

Submitted by mario_hardrock on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

the best way to solve this is to update your phone to the latest IOS 9.3.4.
You will get better.
on beta 10.6 this issue seems to have been resolved.

I use a keys-to-go keyboard with my 6S Plus running 9.3.4. I have no trouble seeing the reader in Safari. However, not all web pages will show reader availability. That is normal. If Reader is available, and you have QuickKeys turned on, a simple Control-UpArrow should take you to the right button.

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Submitted by Kerry Fielding on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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Hi. I was following along with an apple this podcast and the reader did not seem to be available on the Apple this webpage. I thought maybe there was something amiss on my end.