iPod nano 7th Generation, My experience

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Hi, I wish to report that I finally baut my iPod Nano 7th Generation (16GB) and so far, I'm totally enjoying it! it's similar to the iPod Nano 6th Generation (see differences below). It does include voiceover, mono audio, and of cource, Bluetooth! I have both my speaker and earphones (shado wireless) connected via bluetooth. Here are the differences:
1. In the 6th generation, it was a square shape, and it only contain 3 buttons: Volume up, Volume down, and Power, no home button, and contained a clip to attach to cloving. The 7th Generation iPod nano is the same shape as the 5th Generation iPod nano, which contains both volume up/down, with the addition of the play/pause button in the mittle. This button can also be used for rewind/fast forward, as well as next/previous track (no case is included but can be purchased).
2. To return to the home screen, the 6th generation Ipod allowed a user with voiceover turned on to do a 2 finger scrub gesture. Now with the 7th generation, their is now a home button, just like the iPod touch and iPhone. Pressing the home button twice will switch you back to the previous app, such as music.
3. 30 pin cable was included with the purchase of an iPod nano 6th Generation, every new 7th Generation iPod Nano when purchased now includes a lightning cable.
4. Radio tuner is included with Live pause.
5. and finally, as mentioned, you could connect to bluetooth audio devices, with older iPod Nanos it wasn't possible.
Overall, I couldn't be more happyer. You could even use the earphones with remote and Mic to record voice memos. I'm totally happy with my purchase, and it was well worth the money.