iphone 8+ or x

Hi. so i wanted some input. I need a new Iphone, my 6+ is getting slow and old. I am going to get the 8+ or the X but i'm not sure which one to get. I was going to get the X but i'm wondering if it's the best choice. Apart from the fact that it costs 200 pounds more just for the 64 GB version, i'm not sure what the real benefits are. If i am correct, it has the same chip so speed shouldn't be a factor. Obviously the phone is glass and the display is meant to be great, but I don't use the display and my sighted people say my 6+ display is good so i'm sure the 8+ will have a perfectly usable and good display. The other thing is the home button, the 8+ has one, well not a physical one just feedback whilst the x you swipe up. I'm just wondering for 200 pounds is this really going to make a difference? and the last thing, and the thing that's putting me off the most, face recognition. I love touch ID, it's so easy and i am sure it will be faster on the 8+ compared to what i'm used to. I hope it will proove me wrong, but i think despite the fact it may work ok holding the phone up to my face may be more inconvenient than touch ID. I'm sure i would get used to it but is it really going to change anything. In short, is the X worth it, will i perhaps stand to benefit in a coupple more years as that's how long i plan on keeping whatever i get.


#1 My Thoughts

There will be some accessability features with Face ID, but honestly, if I were upgrading I'd go with the 8+ if you want the bigger size phone. It's cheaper, has the same specs as the X other than display and if you are used to touch ID why not? It will also have the wireless charging capability so I'd save the extra money and go for the cheaper phone.

These are just my thoughts honestly, but if you don't use the display and all of that, just no point in spending the money for the fancier gear that won't really be utulized to its fullest.

#2 I can't think of any benefit to the iPhone X for a blind person.

All of the real features of the iPhone X are visual: better display, better camera, animated emogies, Face ID, etc. The iPhone 8 Plus has the same processor, wireless charging and so on. Unless you have an identifiable need for these features (such as training or other business need) I can't see any advantage to the iPhone X for a blind person.