Iphone 7 and made for iPhone hearing aids

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Anyone out there using an iPhone 7 with a made for iPhone hearing aids? Starky Halos, Resound Linx or other brands. I noticed more noise artifacts with the iPhone 7 than on my iPhone 6. I hear clicking and tapping. Though not all the time but more often than on the 6 running the same IOS. This only occurs when streaming to the Has, like listening to music, audio books or VO.

Let me know if you’re having these issues too.




Submitted by Ramy on Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hello David;
I tried Yesterday the Beyond 110 from Widex, everything was working fine. except that my Headset always makes cut off when touching the Phone, i felt that it tried to change it's preset or something.
I have Iphone 6 with Ios 11.3, did you notice this on your Aids?