IPhone 6s PLUS over-the-ear mono headset with command (SIri) functionality

Hardware & Accessories

What product(s) offers this feature as well as voice-activated call answer/end? Ideally, I would like a device that would act as a wireless Siri.



Submitted by Ben on Saturday, January 9, 2016

I'd be interested in that as well. I don't like ear buts. It should be good quality for me and it shouldn't make the iphone and voiceover laggy. I bought a rapoo over ear headset (alltough stereo) which causes the iphone to become sluggish when I flick the screen and so on. So it's not really usable for me. thanks for any recommendations.

Submitted by doni on Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hi Ben,

I purchased a Plantronics Voyager Legend earpiece and find it works very well. I bought it at Staples on Boxing Day in Canada for $70. The regular price is about $130. In Canada, they are also available at Amazon, Walmart, and some other big box stores. Plantronics website is at www.plantronics.com (worldwide) or www.plantronics.com/ca/ (in Canada).

All the very best,