IPhone 5S Screen Is Not Locking

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I hope I’m placing this in the right category. I also apologize if this question has been asked before, but I looked through five pages of topics, and could not find anything, but I apologize anyway.

I normally have my IPhone 5S set to automatically lock after one minute of inactivity. Unfortunately, last night I did some normal things I do on my phone and put it down. After one minute, the phone kept saying, “Screen dim,” but not locking.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can solve this problem? Right now I have my phone set to never lock, just so I don’t have to keep hearing VO saying, “Screen dim.” But, I want to lock it in order to preserve the battery.

Thank you in advance for any and all information.

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Submitted by Kevan on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It might be the phone needs to be reset. Try restarting it?
Also an app might be open that's preventing it from locking. Try killing apps with the app switcher.

Submitted by MarkSARCH on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I do not know if you have installed to your device TunIn radio but this is one of the apps who i seen avoid gets the screen luck.
and to be honest I seen this issue on my iPhone 6 seen last iOS update however I luck it manually.

Submitted by Lucretia M. Brown on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I tried turning my phone off and then on again, but when I went to turn it off it then locked. I may have not held the button down long enough. But, when I went to unlock the phone, it unlocked just fine, but I had the same problem all over again.

Furthermore, I know this may sound like a stupid question, but where is the ap switcher? I honostly don't know, because I don't usually mess with anything if I don't know anything about it.

Thanks again for the information.

Submitted by Justin on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What i do is manually press the lock button to lock the phone, and have it set to never auto lock. Press the home button quickly to activate the app switcher. In order to close the apps you have open, swipe past the home and do a three finger swipe to close each app in the switcher.

Submitted by Lucretia M. Brown on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

No I dont have tunin radio installed on my phone.

I do have a question, however. How do manually lock my screen? That will help until I can fix this problem.

Submitted by MarkSARCH on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hi Lucratia
Okay you have a iPhone 5S
the device front face to you.
the power button is located on the top of the device
just to lock the screen press once the rectangle to the right edge thats the only button on the top.
the home button is located on the front face of the screen located on the botom on the middle , pressing twice quickly but not holding just double tap and release will bring the app switcher doing this you will be able to close the apps that are running on the background using 3 finger flick up or more simple to you use 1 finger flick down until find close and hit on it doing double tap and finally to dismiss the app switcher press the home button.

Submitted by Justin on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

yes. Just hit the power button to lock the device and press quickly again to bring up the lock screen where you have all your new notifications since last locked.

Submitted by Siobhan on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hi. If you'd like i'd be happy to skype and talk you through fiing it. I have an iPhone five and I might be able to help. send me a message with the contact form, and we'll go from there.

Submitted by Toonhead on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sometimes, the iPhone seems to have a mind of its own. Earlier today, I had a situation where, when I had pressed the lock screen, instead of actually locking the phone, it brought up the passcode field screen, as if I was ready to unlock it. It was weird. Turning the phone off and turning it back on again solved the issue. What others are saying is definitely true, simply pressing the power button once on the device locks the screen. You'll hear a clicking sound and VoiceOver will say "screen locked". Also, go through your app switcher, and then close any open apps. Then go back into settings, and in the auto-lock screen, set it to something like, 2 minutes of in-activity lets say. Then set the phone down, and see if it locks on its own. If it does, your issue is solved. If it doesn't, we may need to try a couple other things, or you might have to reset your phone, but lets try these other suggestions first before we do something drastic. Good luck, I hope all these suggestions are helping.

Submitted by Lucretia M. Brown on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I'd like to thank everyone for their advise and suggestions.

The funniest thing happened. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to set my phone to never lock, but that was running the battery down rather quickly, which is why I started this discussion thread. A couple of hours ago, I decided to set the phone's settings back to lock after one minute of inactivity. I sat it down and it locked on its own without any problems.

But, I will keep all these suggestions handy, so if the problem arises again, I will know what to try.

Thanks again.

The Apple vis comunity is really a wonderful place for invaluable information. Thanks again.

Take care