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Hi all,

I'm looking to purchase a high-spec tablet, or light laptop. I'm toying with a windows machine, but given that's way way off topic for Applevis, I'll confine myself here to a few questions about the iPad pro.

Essentially I want to know whether any of you are using it, which variant (9.7" or 12) you've gone with, and how you are finding it. any pros, any cons etc.

I'm not really interested in a Macbook, the refresh with only one USBC port doesn't really interest me. Oh and yes, before anyone mentions it, I know that the iPad pro only has one connector as well, but they're entirely different devices. :)

thanks for info.



Submitted by John Farina on Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hi there,
Can you elaborate on what you would like to do or need to do with a computer or tablet? Since many devices serve different purposes depending on the types of software one needs, this might be helpful.

I have a student to whom I provide Assistive technology instruction services who uses a school iPad pro, I believe it is the largest model. At this point it works well for the young student who is learning this technology. I am not in love with the keyboard that was ordered for the unit but that was not my choice.

Hi there,

You're absolutely correct, I should have given use-cases. I work as an academic, so the main uses for the device will be:
1. making presentations;
2. basic audio editing;
3. Web development (Using Textastic)
4. entertainment apps at home.

Essentially I'm looking for a lightweight device to bring around with me, whilst leaving the heavier laptops and or desktop machines behind. I'm interested in your comments on the chosen keyboard for the device. Can you elaborate?

All the best.

Submitted by Dave Nason on Monday, April 25, 2016

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hey Donal. I got a 9.7" iPad Pro, aka the Baby Pro the other day, so here's my early thoughts.
It was an upgrade from an older iPad of the same size.
1. For presentations I prefer the iPad to a laptop or PC actually, I find the touch screen easier to use with software like PowerPoint and Keynote. The one potential issue you might have is connectivity to projectors etc, so make sure you can get any necessary adaptors first.
2. I haven't tried any audio editing as yet, but I would think it could be done ok with the right app. I'm planning to try out Ferrite. Whether it's as easy as on a PC, I don't know.
3. Similar with web editing. There are apps like Transmit and Textastic as you said though.
4. Entertainment etc is amazing on iPad. I love watching TV, movies, YouTube and listening to music on this thing, it's fantastic. The iPad Air 2 would be just as good as the Pro though of course for this.
Regarding the keyboard, I got the Apple Smart Keyboard case. It's very nice and neat, and the keys are nice to type on. However it's noticeably smaller than a standard keyboard, and so a little awkward. In addition, the keyboard layout is slightly different to normal, for example the Z key is the first key to the right of the shift key, with the backslash key moved elsewhere. Some keys are smaller than usual. There is no top row, so no Escape or Function keys.
So the keyboard is at the very least taking some getting used to.
I couldn't currently see myself going full time on this, but it's a great device.
If you want to get real work done, the larger IPad Pro might be worth considering too.
Keyboard navigation of iOS is improving all the time, but there is still a way to go in my opinion. I keep naturally trying to carry out VO commands from the Mac, some of which work on iPad, and some that don't.
So all in all for me, it's a great supplemental device for me, but not quite a full laptop replacement for me yet anyway.

Hiya Dave,

This is perfect. I'm inclined to go for the 12 inch model, primarily because of the slightly bigger keyboard. However, the smaller one has its advantages.

All the best.