IOS10 and Logitech Keys To Go

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I'm finding some flaky behaviour with my keyboard and IOS 10. So far I've had the functions keys on the top row stop working including my inability to navigate back to my home screen, issues when typing in text fields in twitter ranging from no key presses being repeated to simply hearing the word period despite the text being input . The control and left and right arrow commands do not appear to work in text editing fields either. I"m on an iPhone 5SE. Has anyone else experience this erartic behaviour since upgrading?



Submitted by Louise R on Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I have only just got my keyboard the other day. I have found at times it is a bit slow since upgrading and at one point it appeared the control key wasn't working but I'm not sure if that was me as I am still getting used to the different key placement. Turning off and on again resolved this issue. Also, I tried changing the voice to one of the ones I had used in IOS 9 and the keyboard was more responsive.

Submitted by Jordan on Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I experienced similar problems with the same keyboard on iOS 9. I returned it and purchased one from iClever, and I found things to work better with that keyboard. However, some apps made that keyboard stop working correctly, and I had to restart my iPhone 6s everytime to get it working again. Also, if you go away from the keyboard for a period of time, restarting it is the only way to get it to work correctly again.