IOS MIDI Adapters Recommendation Please

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I was just reading about wireless MIDI for IOS, especially the Yamaha md-bt01, which prompted this question. Does anyone have any recommendations for either wireless or other MIDI or audio connections for IOS? I was considering getting the Yamaha Mobile Sequencer for my iPhone 5S, and using my Yamaha P95 digital piano to send notes into my phone.

I also have lots of questions about doing such things as storing music data on possibly iCloud, DropBox, or somewhere outside my phone to keep the internal memory free. I'm unsure what o ask, however.





Submitted by Kelly Sapergia on Sunday, January 24, 2016

I personally use the iRig MIDI 2 interface from IK Multimedia. It has three ports on the top: In, Out and Through, and a connector for the included cable that would plug into your iOS device. While the software from IK Multimedia isn't the best in terms of accessibility, you can use it with apps like GarageBand, Drum JAM, Thumb Jam, etc.

Submitted by Bobcat on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I wonder how good the latency would be with these new wireless midi controllers.
The idea of not having a cable hanging off my iPhone is attractive. Especially as I use a battery case and have to remove the bottom to get at the lightning connector.

BTW: I tried a CME Xkey keyboard and really enjoyed the unusual low profile and short travel keys. They are coming out with a wireless version.


Submitted by Haroon Probst on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I have been playing with and composing midi using my USB midi controller keyboard and camera connection kit for almost 2 years now. Audio bus and interapp connectivity really made the iOS device a serious tool in the studio and is just getting better and better all the time.
The beauty now is that it's very easy to also store things in the cloud and, I now have a wifi enabled 64 extra gigs of storage which is a real blessing I can tell you.
I recently had a play with midi over wifi and there is not even a suggestion of any latency, even when playing quickly and in my case, more carelessly too. :)
I believe at the end of the day, that all these options out there are perfectly satisfactory. Save, as long as they are both accessible and functional.