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Hi does anybody know have a good app or what would be a good app to install to control an Insta pot with your iPhone and to be able to set the correct settings according to your Insta pot and time and stuff like that
And by God I just mean like accessible or mostly accessible app so that I don’t have too many issues trying to use it any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you



Submitted by Adrianne on Tuesday, November 17, 2020

I bought the bluetooth version a couple of years ago, and the app works pretty well. I'm not sure if it's even still available - I heard a rumor that it was discontinued. I hope for your sake that's not true! I can pretty much perform all of the necessary functions, although some things are a little tricky. Overall, it's totally worth it!

Submitted by AbleTec on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Brennen, first, this needs to be the smart WiFi instant pot, else you're kinda SOL. If you've got that, then search the app store for instant pot. The name of the app is something like remote control for smart wifi instant pot. Do not get the bluetooth app as it no longer works.

Please be advised you can also use Alexa to control it. That is wicked fun to do.

Also, please understand that the smart wifi instant pot only works on a 2.4ghz network, & your IPhone should be on the same network as well.

Additionally, you'll need to sign up w/Instant Pot & register your device w/them in order to get it a name. Kinda an invasion of privacy, IMO, but if you wanna use the wifi functions, they kinda got you by the short hairs.

This is really a fun & totally useful appliance to cook with. I've been using it for almost 2 yr now. I got it following a house fire in which our stove was severely damaged in order to be able to cook family meals. Sure beats heating up a kitchen in the Arizona summers, & it serves as a good substitute for the stove. Good luck. Once you get it set up, I think you'll really like it. & the buttons, as you know, are really tactile, so that helps also.

OK awesome this is going to be very interesting LOL I’m gonna try cooking something in it tonight and it’s some thing that I don’t usually cook but in a slow cooker crockpot and they’re slow cooker instructions on it and pressure cooker so I think I’m gonna try the pressure cooker method because it’s quicker but do you know if there’s a way where I can find a manual for my particular product I have the Insta pot duo which I think is the one with smart Wi-Fi and maybe the Alexa to I’m on sure but if you would be able to help me find where the manual is I would greatly appreciate it thank you

Well actually I’m rather unsure of which version I got LOL I didn’t know that when we were at Walmart trying to decide which version to get my girlfriend and her mom were looking up online and they said whatever version we got should have the Wi-Fi but that’s what I’m trying to find out LOL I’ve already been to the Insta pot site and I can’t figure out where to go on the site to get to the manual section where I can enter in my model number and stuff to find the manual

Submitted by AbleTec on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Well, I'm afraid Mr. Google is your best friend on this, Brennen. I'd enter my model # & the words instant pot into big G & see what you come up with. Sorry I cant be more help, but my area of expertise is in computers/websites, & Instant Pot is what I do to make cooking chores easier.

Submitted by Brennen on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

OK so I am currently going to be taking back the Insta pot that I have and getting the smart Wi-Fi version to be able to hopefully then connected to the Wi-Fi does anybody know how easy this process is to do with the app on the iPhone for a blind person and with voiceover I install the app and it definitely doesn’t look like it’s completely accessible although I wonder if that would fix things if I turned on the screen recognition feature but how hard is it to connect the Insta pot to Wi-Fi and get the Insta pot and my iPhone to connect