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What is the best Mac Book Pro hardware configuration to run iMovies on?

My wife employs a 2012 Mac Book Pro, 16GB Ram and 2012 Mac Book Pro CPU/GPU (don't know specs) to produce 40 minutes YouTube videos, with iMovie. Present average edit/process time is perfectly acceptable, under 10 minutes.

Her laptop display broke and it will cost 800€ to fix so I am considering a new Mac Book Pro. I am seeking advice as to where (which hardware) to invest. GPU? CPU? RAM?

From what I understand, reading online forums, iMovie:
1. uses GPU only for the UI and not for process/edit phase. So CPU over GPU;
2. uses one core at a time. So I should prefer core speed (GHz) over core number;
3. works fine with 8GB RAM (unless file is very large) so 16GB should be ok.

Am I missing/forgetting anything? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time/expertise. Can anyone recommend a forum that specializes on iMovie and Mac hardware?


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