I am so happy with my Apple AirPods

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Good everyone, many time on this site, I was asking what could I do to not be always in trouble with my head set, I have try so many, I am 61 years old, from the cheap one to the 300 dollars, non have done what I was expecting. At last, oh and I have mention before that because I live in the country, store are super limited and you can not try anything, so anyway, my friendconvaince me that I would not regret the 212 or so Canadian dollars, I said ok but this is my last shot. and my God, those wireless airpod solve all the problems in one shot. I am so happy, I take care of them as gold. I am a music lover, and every night I love to lay down and check on apple music, see if I would find a new metal band and I would get stock with the wire all the time and the dog would sometime lay down and pull the thing out of my ear, well those airpod are Godbless, they fit so nice, no matter the position you are in the bed, no joke at time I forgot that I am getting the sound from the airpod, I go on my side, my head on the pillow and I don't feel the airpod at all. No more stuff in the ear, no more some plastic that sometime you loose, . For me, I will never have another kind. I am no expert, but I use them about six hours and more every day and they are just the bewst I ever have and the sound is great to me. if you are tire to get in the car or a truck and the wire get in the seat belt and you sware like me those are the solution. thanks apple for a great product.



Submitted by DPinWI on Saturday, August 26, 2017

I am so glad to hear you like them. I most often use a little bluetooth receiver attached to one of a selection of headphones I have. I tuck the headphone cable inside my shirt, and I am essentially wireless, with good, situationally appropriate sound. I have toyed with getting some Air Pods, and your comments are yet another gentle push in that direction.

Submitted by Joseph on Saturday, August 26, 2017

I've looked at getting a set of air pods, but I can't justify the cost as of yet. and even if I could, I don't know if I'd use them very often.

Submitted by captain batman on Sunday, August 27, 2017

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good day
If the way is good for you, I must say, I don't have any imagination to get what I wan using a bit of imagination and save a lot of money, but again, let me assure that I am with apple since nano five gen, and one of the most problem I had, and of course iit could be me the trouble, but my wires would get tangle up with the belt, and the driver don't have a lot of patience, and I have no idea how many argument we had, just for this, it is worth the price, this morning, I got up of bed and I had forgot that I had my air pod attach to my ear, that is how comfortable. You know I am just a user, I don't selle the product but let me say, I had monster head phone at over 300 as a gift, I am not a rich man, I didn't tell the person, it was a gift after all, but it did not do what I wanted from them, me I live in the country and I don't have the choice to be able to touch what I am purchasing, but if you live somewhere that you ca touch, if you can see maybe a little and if not, you could try them and judge for yourself,
if airpod has with time some second gen I would have to know what they are, but be prudent, my friend told me that they have many model of airplay, mine are totally wireless. take your time but it is the best purchase I have done in a long time.