How useful is the LIDAR sensor?

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Hey, I'm considering upgrading my iPhone to one of the new 13 models.

Wondering how useful the LIDAR sensor is to someone without any sight, as it will help me decide between the standard 13 and the 13 Pro.

Has anyone found apps that have worked with it successfully, or any other cool uses they have come across?

Any input welcomed.



Submitted by CMX1409 on Wednesday, September 15, 2021

I am in the same boat as you, with only a couple of days to decide.

Super LIDAR is one of the apps I've read about and am keen to try. I don't think LIDAR wil be mind-blowing right now, but the idea of it is exciting and I'm keen to see where it is now.

I'm telling myself, it's only a bit more - a lie, but a white lie!

Submitted by John Hope on Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Personally, I wish that I had saved some money and gone for the smaller and lighter iPhone 12 mini over the 12 Pro that I chose in part because of its LiDAR Scanner.

Over the past year I have probably used it fewer than 10 times, each of which has been out of curiosity and a sense of obligation rather than in a meaningful or productive way.

In my opinion, it simply isn't suited for use on an iPhone, especially with its limited operational range.

I simply haven't found any circumstances where holding my iPhone out in front of me is desirable, practical, or a big improvement on my existing navigational and situational awareness strategies.

Your own mileage will likely vary according to your circumstances and use case, but I wouldn't recommend choosing an iPhone simply because it has a LiDAR Scanner.

But, if it comes on Apple Glass, that's when things might become more interesting.

Submitted by CMX1409 on Thursday, September 16, 2021

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But everything you say resonates with me. I to think LIDAR mounted on glasses will be useful for Assistive Reality.

OK, my big question now - do I get the pink?