HomePod Mini - What not to do after Setup

Hardware & Accessories

I received my HomePod Mini today. It is super awesome and sounds great, for the 5 minutes I had it working, then I broke it.

Basically, I went to the Home app, noticed I had 2 difference homes. The HomePod Mini was setup with a home account called "My Home 1" and my other HomePod Big was setup on a different home account called "My Home."

So I thought, I only need one home account, because I only have 1 home. I quickly deleted the "My Home 1" home account in my Home app and I am now sorry I did that.

Basically, the HomePod Mini did not like that. I think deleting a home account is equivalent to burning down a actual physical home, everything no longer works.

I did the hard reset option of holding down the screen with 1 finger, Siri will eventually speak. Siri doesn't ever speak to let me know that the device is reseting because I think Siri is lost in the twighlight Zone with the home account I deleted. So I have no sound and it appears that I can't do a hard reset successfully.

The visuals aspect of the lights will cycle from solid white, to spinning to off. Holding one finger down gets the red spinning light, then a solid red light and no speaking Siri, once again, lost in twightlight Zone.

My next option is to wait for a Mac in my house to free up to try to reset the HomePod through Finder.

Setup your new HomePod Mini and if it works, do not delete the Home account it is in without removing the HomePod from the home account first.

I'm so sad now.