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I have noticed that with the latest version of iOS, the home app, and homepod that I can no longer access all of the homepod controls. I can access the settings and such, where you can name the device, turn Hey Siri on and off, etc, but I cannot access the play/pause, skip tracks, and disappointingly, the new alarm settings. Am I the only one experiencing this? Or, is there some gesture I'm not aware of that can bget me to this part of the controls so they are usable?



Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Monday, November 30, 2020

I know when I swipe to the device itself in the Home app and do a one-finger double tap and hold, after a few seconds, I can swipe through the various settings of the HomePod itself and near the top, just before the HomePod's name, there is the option for alarms.

The only crappy part is that at the very top, just after the "Close" button, there is a huge list of all songs I've played , which I wish I could remove or not have it displayed, or at least shrunked down to the last few songs.

Secondly, I find trying to rename the HomePod and keeping the changee name is hit or miss at times.

So, I can see the play, pause, etc, but when I try to activate them, it brings up something else entirely from the main control panel with the additional settings. It is then that I realize things like play, pause, etc are not on the screen. But, I will try the tap and hold and see if it makes a difference at all.