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Hi all I have found over the last few days that my settings for my home button have gotten all messed up. I got my home button said one click home to clicks app switcher three clicks voiceover is off. Now for some reason they are all messed up for the home button does not even react. Is anybody else finding this happening after the 7.1 update. I have gotten online to do some research and I guess this is intermittent behavior but I have not found the solution any help would be appreciated. Thank you John PS sorry to be lazy I'm using dictation so forgive the sentences and grammar :-)



Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Monday, April 7, 2014

Are you trying to adjust the home click speed if so go to settings general accessibility home click speed and then options are default slow and slowest.

Submitted by dvdmth on Monday, April 7, 2014

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If I am reading your post correctly, you are saying the home button is not working at all. Am I right? I haven't had that happen, except when the iOS device is locked up or stalled, in which case nothing works until it gets unstuck, or you force reboot it by holding down the home and power buttons for a few seconds. I had to do that a few times under iOS 7.0, but not yet under iOS 7.1.

Submitted by Cliff on Monday, April 7, 2014

Hi there! I had something similar happen to me a few months ago... For me the home button would stop working let's say 1 out of 5 times... So for instanse when tripple clicking the home key to toggle VO on and off, the phone sometimes only registered 2 out of 3 taps and brought up the App Switcher instead of turning VO off... And I sometimes had to press the home key several times to get to the unlock scrreen when the phone was locked. Fix 1, that didn't work for me at that time: Recalibrate your home key by forcing an app shut. This was at least an iOS 6 thing, but it should work for iOS 7 as well. Open any app on your phone. Then hold down the sleep/on/off key untill the screen that asks if you want to turn the phone off appears. At that point, don't turn off the phone, but hold down the home key instead untill you're thrown back into the homescreen and the app you just opened now is closed. That's it. A well-known fix for this problem, but didn't solve it for me. Fix 2, that did work: Dirt and particles can over time gather up around the rim of the home key and cause it to malfunction every now and then. Since we VO users probably use this key 3 times more than the average user, this might be a even more occuring problem for us. Dirt loves to cling on to fat, therefore also the fat left from the finger each time the home key is pressed. The solution: Turn your phone off first, so that you can keep the home button pressed down for a while without too big consequences. Then while pressing the home key, find something that will blow air with some amount of presure into the gap around the button. Blow while slowly turning your phone around 360 degrees and keeping your finger so far to the oposite side of the button than the side you're blowing at as possible, so to not cover the area that needs to be blown clean. Your own breath may work, a hair dryer or reversed vacum cleaner is better, and a high-end air compressor with a needle-like focused tip is probably best! :) Optionally, you might even have luck with just using a needle tip or something that's really thin to try to loosen shit and dirt around the edge of the button while it is pressed... Good luck, and hope some of this can work for you! :) Take care! :)

Submitted by John Muoio on Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thank you all, I had to reset all of my settings for sone reason alot of them change, such as home click speed and notifications. I found this same issue start on my I pad air today too. I'm wondering if it had to do with a hard wire back up I did a few days ago. There was an update for I tunes and I did the backup a few hours later one device after another. I did the home button cleaning for good measure. All seems back to normal now. Thanks again John