Help on inserting the usb cable in to my refreshabraille?????

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Hi folks,
I'm admitting temporary defeat. I need some help.

Before I got my Refreshabraille, I read people's complaints about the usb plug. I thought to myself, "Ah, it can't be that bad. I never have trouble plugging things in."
Well, it is that bad.

I'm using the cable I received with the unit. The end looks like my old android usb/power cable.

The Refreshabraille manual I found on line says that when attempting to insert the Micro B type cable, the unit should be face down, and the cable should be oriented with the two small pins or nubs facing up. I assume that's up toward me.

So, I've got the cable oriented correctly. It's lying flat in the channel with the end of the cable pressing up against where the usb port is. but, no matter how I press, or slightly adjust, I can't seem to get the end of the cable to seat in the port.

Any thoughts, help on this?

Thanks so much!!!




Submitted by a woman on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Imagine the display lying flat on the table, then the side of the cable with the 'dent' must face toward the table (I'm assuming you have got that right). Hold the display vertically, so that its controls are facing toward you. Take the end of the cable in your left hand, and push it 'in the slot' toward the port. When you feel around there, you will see that the port is not on the 'edge', but a little above it, so hold the cable straight and don't press it toward you.
This is so difficult to describe. So I'm hoping that it makes at least some sense to you. But plugging in that cable is easier than you might think, don't press the cable against the edge of the 'square surface' where the port is though, because the port isn't on the edge but a little above it, as you will see when you investigate closely.
Sorry if this didn't help :-) .

Submitted by Rusty Perez on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hi "A Woman" thanks for trying to help.
The first thing I need to establish is if I'm using the right cable.
I put my cable down when I first brought it home, and it may have gotten mixed up with another similar cable.
I'm embarassed about this.

Anyway, I'm trying to establish if this is the same kind of cable that I would have used to plug in my android.
Is it almost like a lightening plug, but has two small pins or nubs on one side of the metal part that inserts in to the port?
Or, is it just a little thicker and smooth on both sides which insert in to the port?

Thanks so much!

Submitted by Rusty Perez on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Well, I just spoke to APH and learned that they've recently changed what type of usb cable they use on their Refreshabraille displays.
The older version uses a usb mini which is sortof trapezoidal in shape and has no little nubs or pins on one side of the actual metal plug.

The new version, as of about Aug. 2015 or so uses a USB micro which has two small nubs on one side of the metal plug.

As for me, I had been trying to use another small cable similar in size. I asked my step daughter to look around for the correct cable and she found it, on a shelf where it had no doubt been placed for safe keeping. She plugged it in with no trouble before I could feel the end to discover what makes it special, and try it for myself.
I'm going to let it charge before I unplug and investigate and learn to replug.

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