Headphones for iPhone and iPod

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Hello everyone, I create this topic to discuss and share opinions about headphones or headsets. Soon I will receive a pair of Sennheiser mm 70i, which come with iPhone and iPod controls. Have you ever used them? what do you think? What headphones do you use?



Submitted by John newton on Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hi there I have to say first of all I have had many kinds of ear and headphones for my iPhone, I never used the ones I got with my iPhone 4 though because they were not very comfy and the sound was tinny and flat you could get away with speech but music was not a nice experience. When I got my iPhone 5 i was looking forward to testing the new style Apple ear pod's I had read they were pretty good but I had to see for myself. When I got my iPhone 5 set up I plugged them in and have to say I was completely shocked. I should say here and now they aren't up to the level of Bose or something like that but if they are the only pair you use then you really can't fault them, it was nice to see Apple didn't treat them as an after thought like the previous generation earphones.