Having trouble connecting my COULAX CXO4 Bluetooth Ear Buds

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Hey all,
I just got my COULAX CXO4 Bluetooth Ear Buds for Christmas, but unfortunately I'm having trouble connecting it to my iPad Mini 1.
The COULAX CXO4 is a type of bluetooth ear buds. Attached to these is a neckwear device and a switch on the left side of your neck on the neckwear device. And a connect button.
I turned on the switch and it said, "power on", then 3 seconds later it said, "pairing".
At this point I went to Settings>Bluetooth and tapped the correct headphones.
The got dead so I had to recharge them, but now here's where the problem came.
I turned it on after the recharge and said "power on" like regular. This time it said, "connected", but my iPad was not transferring the sound from the internal speaker to the headphones.
S my question is, is there a solution around this?
Thanks and sorry for the long post.