Has anyone tried either the here one earbuds from Doplar Labs, or the IQ buds from Nuheara?

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Hello. I was looking for ways to manage and decrease noise in loud places, and stumbled across a few different products that interested me, mainly the Nuheara IQ buds, and the Doplar Labs here one's. These devices have microphones in them, and either let in, or drown out, sound from the outside world. Both have iOS apps to access these functions. Has anyone tried either of these products? If so, how have your experiences been? Do they really make a difference in how much noise you hear? And are the iOS apps accessible.



Submitted by Kayla on Friday, June 16, 2017

I have tried the Here 1 earbuds from Doppler Labs. They leave a little to be desired in the battery life department. That, is literally the only even slightly critical thing I have to say about them. They drown out as much or as little noise as you'd like. Depending on the ear-tips you use you can get a total seal and isolate yourself completely, and easily access the real world of sound again with a bypass option that you get to by tapping an earbud. The app is extremely accessible and easy to use. Just don't lose them because they are not offering replacement buds at this time. Hope this helps.