Get it while you can: IHome temp/humidity/light sensor and motion detector

Hardware and Accessories

Although I consider IHome basically a brand for generic tech crap,pthe ISS50 Multimonitor appears to be discontinued and is selling for $37 from after-market sellers. At that price, it compares well to any sort of talking product for the blind.
The unit is a couple of inches wide and deep, and perhaps 3.5" tall, a wite plastic box with motion and light sensor on the front and openings presumably for the temperature/humidity/sound sensors on the back, along with micro-USB power connector and buttons for display reset and dimmer.
Capabilities: After setting it up with HomeKit through the IHome app, Siri can answer questions like "what's the temperature in the kitchen," or the humidity, or the light level. Although the IHome app itself also reports this data, it's all on one line. Again, the motion sensor can be used in HomeKit automations, but is said not to be terribly reliable by some users. I am not currently using it this way.
Limitations: None of the other sensors can be used as triggers for HomeKit automations. The IHome app cannot be used to set up automations between the sensors and anything other than IHome plugs, which receive rather poor reviews. My IDevices, TP-Link, and Wemo plugs don't appear in the app. Also, no Alexa or Google Home integrations. Finally, the device requires USB cable--no batteries.
Still, even just for the monitoring capabilities, it may be quite useful for a blind person. I still have a talking indoor/outdoor thermometer that's probably the only item I've purchased on Maxi-Aids not to die within a year of purchase. But I bought the IHome multimonitor to use in its place for convenience.


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