Garage Band iOS app on the iPhone with a electronic piano keyboard

Hardware and Accessories
Hi all, I have a yamaha elictronic piano kkeyboard and would like to use the Garage Band iOS app with it too enhance my music. However, is it as symple as to connect the phone with the keyboard and open the app with a selected instrument, like with the mac? If not, what kind of accessories must I buy in order to make this so? Also, is the app as complex as the mac app with a whole bunch of instruments such as strings, horns, and brass instruments or does it just hav a smaller amount of instruments such as rock instruments? Such as only guitars, drumbs, and keyboards? If any of you use music apps in conjunction with an electronic musical instrument, please tell me your feed back. Also if there are such apps that exist with the windows pc please tell me as well. Thank you



Submitted by Sean Terry on Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hi, I use the irate midi accessory to hook my keyboard up to my iPhone. Yes you can use your keyboard with GarageBand although it only does have guitars, drums, and keyboards. I believe it does have a few strings as well now. You can purchase the accessory online or at most major chain music stores for about $70.

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