full size blutooth keyboard for use with ipd

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I'm looking for a full size bt keyboard that has the full compliment of control, option and command keys on both sides of the space bar. I'm also looking for an up-to-date listing of bt commands we can use with VO. I understand there are a ess of them in ios9, and the listing isn't accessible to us. Thanks, apple. Not all apps have them, but apparently many do, and wouldn't it be nice to have access to all he keyboard shortcut?



Submitted by Pyro2790 on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Two recommendations I can make are Logitech products. The first being the Logitech k810. You can find this device on amazon.com or from other retailers such as Best Buy. Also, Logitech makes full sized keyboard cases for the iPad that attach to it magnetically that you can fold up like a laptop. When you want to use the keyboard you can set the iPad in an indentation on the case so it is standing up like a laptop. The only downside to this solution is that the keys are not well spaced out and it does not feel as nice as the K810. The keys on the K810 are spaced out well enough so you know exactly which key you are on. I'd highly recommend the k810, but also realize the price is higher then the iPad keyboard case option. Well worth the money though. Hope these suggestions help.