A few iPhone 12 questions

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Hi all. I just finally got the iPhone 12 and so far it's pretty cool. I did get the gestures right, but is there a reliable way to lock the phone? I either get Siri, or it just acts strange. Also what's up with the mask thing? I thought Face ID which is a bit tricky sometimes can tell if you're wearing a mask and be ok. I tried and it obviously told me obstruction or something like that. any other tips tricks would be great. also looking to part with my 8+ that's unlocked so contact me.



Submitted by Carlos Taylor on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and all I do to lock the phone is press and release the side button. If I press and hold that button, Siri appears. I wonder if you are holding the button too long.
Concerning face masks, I have never been successful at getting Face ID to work while wearing a mask. While I've gotten used to Face ID, I still think I prefer Touch ID over Face ID. For me, Touch ID was just more reliable.

Submitted by Siobhan on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Hi. Thanks for answering them. Have you or anyone else noticed that sometimes you hear the unlock sound sometimes it vibrates? Or even better, you mute the phone, so in theory it vitrates but no. The unlock sound does seem to happen. While i'm here, any good cases? My old one's in a defender one. Thanks again.

Submitted by Skippy on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

I have a 12 pro max as well, and love it.

• When wearing a face mask, face ID won't work, and you'll have to enter your passcode.
I use braille screen input to do this.

• to lock the phone, quickly press and release the side button.