Emulating keystroke on an AIR

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I have Windows installed on my Air and have copied a very large set of files to the Windows side for use with Word. In JAWS on a PC, I can use control-shift-home to go to the top of the list and control-shift-end to go to the bottom. However, the Air doesn't have the home and end keys. When I am running Jaws in Windows, is there a keystroke to emulate these commands on the Air?



Submitted by Scottsdale on Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hey Ray, To get home and end keys on your Air, use FN+left arrow for home and FN+right arrow for end. Page up or page down can be gotten with FN key plus up or down arrow respectively. In case you didn't already know, the FN key is the bottom left one. In my experience, Apple's keyboard driver handles the FN functions pretty well in combination with CTRL, Alt, Shift, Windows key etc so your selection and navigation commands should work fine and dandy. Where I run into problems is combining functions that rely on FN with a screen reader specific modifier, but maybe you'll have more luck. I'm not much of a JAWS boy nor spending a ton of time in Windows nowadays, so haven't put much effort into circumventing the issue. Hope that helps!