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I have an Iphone 6s and love the earpods. they have good sound and nice inline controls. the problem for me is however that I use them the whole day, put htem in and out of pockets and take them everywhere. This means that usually I use three to four pairs a year. I am looking therefore for a better alternative?
I have thought of nvesting in airpods but they can not change volume and skipmusic with buttons.
I do not like in-ear earphones either because they inhibit to much of the outside sound.
Any suggestions are highly aprisiated.
any suggestions are welcome!

With kind regards, Mslion



Submitted by John W. hess on Monday, August 28, 2017

Good day. I use a pair of bluetooth earbuds by BT waves. They are about $30 and have a wire with a controler connecting them to each other. They sound great even on phone calls and the company is very responsive and the warrantee is excellent. I highly recommend these buds.

Submitted by mslion on Monday, August 28, 2017

They sound like great earbuds! The only way to get them however is via amazon and if I do that then I pay about the same amount in shippingcosts and taxes.
Thanks though for this great tip!