Does anyone think I’m not a fool for buying a magic Keyboard for iPad air 4?

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Hi All:

At this time while I write this words, I’m feeling awful as I have ordered a magic keyboard for my iPad air 4. Even when It hasn’t arrived yet, I already think I’m a fool for purchasing it.

I found a nice deal so I purchased it, but before 24 hours after buying it, I read here a post that said the track pad is useless with voiceover, which got me a stomach ache.

Also surfing on the web, a lot of people comment it is worth to buy the smart folio keyboard than the magic keyboard. I particularly didn’t want a folio that make my iPad less elegant so the folio was not an option for me, but people also say that the magic keyboard is very heavy. Sadly again because one thing I love from my iPad air 4 is its lightness.

In conclusion, does anyone is satisfied after buying the magic keyboard for your iPad air 4 or iPad pro? Does anybody think I’m not a fool?

I’m close to cancelling my purchase before it arrives.

Kind regards.



Submitted by Unregistered User (not verified) on Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Dear Karina, you should not to think you were fool by purchasing this device.
But you notice yourselves you can cancel this order.
If you have your doubt about purchasing, simply cancel this order.
Then thin about this device and its possibilities for you, solve this problem to buy or not to buy.

Erare humanum est.

Submitted by Andy Lane on Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Hi, You are trying to find a solution that works for you and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. A few things I’ve heard about the magic keyboard though and then I’ll tell you about what I did which is the best laptop solution I’ve ever found, I’m so happy with it. I also heard its very heavy, its not very durable, it doesn’t have function keys with media controls etc, the trackpad is no use with voiceover and its incredibly overpriced. I haven’t seen one and I’m sure they’re really nice keyboards though so if thats what works for you then go for it. I went a slightly different route, I got an iPad Pro M1 with the Brydge Pro. I went for the Pro over the pro plus because I don’t need the trackpad and its not very good on the plus anyway. So the Brydge pro has 2 little slots that you slide the iPad into, It fits the latest iPad airs and then it feels and behaves exactly like a laptop. All the advantages of iPad, touchscreen iOS etc with the convenience of the laptop formfactor and an always attached keyboard. It has the function keys which is really handy, I’ve assigned caps lock to escape so its like the scrub gesture and I couldn’t be happier. Actually if Apple would resolve some long standing bugs I’d be over the moon but thats nothing to do with the subject at hand. The other advantage to the Brydge at least in the UK is its reduced to £59 about $70 because nobody wants it anymore because it doesn’t have a trackpad which is no use at all to me anyway. There’s loads more info about the Brydge on YouTube, this website and all over the web. Whichever you choose to go for I hope you find what works best for you.

Submitted by Andy Lane on Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Hey, I forgot to mention its more flexible than the magic keyboard as the iPad can fold all the way back to 180 degrees and the hinge holds the iPad more steady than the apple keyboard. It does connect with Bluetooth instead of a smart connector so thats a disadvantage but it only takes a second to connect so not a major problem. It’s like a cute little MacBook Air with great speakers, always on and the screen can be detached. I also wanted to say, just relax about your purchase, if you got it wrong you can send the magic keyboard back. Buying a new thing should be exciting, if its giving you anxiety maybe just leave it for a while. Life is too short to be worrying about whether a purchase is a good one especially if its making you feel ill.

Submitted by Dave Nason on Wednesday, June 2, 2021

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Hey, no you’re not a fool at all. I got this keyboard for the iPad Air too and I really like it.
I would like it to be a bit larger for typing, but you mostly get us used to it. The issue with the trackpad is in fact not a problem at all. I had that problem at the beginning, where the mouse pointer kept messing with VoiceOver focus, making it almost impossible to use, but it is easily fixed.
Go to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver and scroll to the bottom. There is a section called Pointer. Here you can choose to have VoiceOver follow the mouse pointer, have the mouse pointer follow VoiceOver, or have VoiceOver ignore the mouse pointer entirely. This did the trick for me ☺️
Of course other keyboards may work for you either, as suggested above.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Thursday, June 3, 2021


I know that buyers regret... Happens to me all the time. Depending on where you got it from and where you are in the world I'd recommend getting it and having a go. We're not yet in a situation where it is easy to go into a shop and test products and get a hands on, especially difficult for those who can't see the product on a screen. I'd recommend giving it a shot.

It is disappointing about the trackpad though. it seems that it should work like the trackpad on the Mac. that sort of integration would have made it a worth while change for me, but yet again, the dropped the ball.

If this one doesn't work out for you I recommend the Satechi bluetooth keyboard. it's really small, long battery life and it's the sort of thing you can just chuck in a bag and pull it out if you need to do any typing. I use mine with my iPhone as I don't see much point in a blind person having such a big screen.

Well thank you for the suggestion. How ever I started looking for it on the web and it seems (at least in this part of the world) that the is a old version and a new version of this devise, am I right?
Mor questions for you
Which version do you have? and how heavy is the bridge pro? this last question regarding the fact to carry it on a bag.

Hi Dave, thanks for your comment, would you mind answering some questions regarding trackpad:
Does the trackpad is absolutely useless with VoiceOver? I mean, doesn't even the swipe and doble tap gestures can be used

Submitted by Andy Lane on Friday, June 4, 2021

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Hi, The version I have is the new, I am almost certain its that one you want as well. It comes with a leatherette magnetic cover which just attaches and protects the back of the iPad but TBH I use it without as the cover is more weight I don’t need and I have come to think of this device as a laptop, The iPad is never removed and its just the best laptop I’ve ever owned with all the advantages of iOS and a touchscreen. It feels exactly like a laptop and even looks exactly like one on the table. The keyboard is approximately the same weight as the iPad which is a shame as it would be easy to make it lighter, they obviously had to make it heavy so it holds the iPad down. I guess because the iPad is heavy it would just fall backward without the weight on the bottom. In total I guess the “laptop” weighs about 1kg. The Keyboard is the exact same shape as the ipad so they fit together like a single unit. I just checked the weight of the MacBook Air and its 1.3kg so a little heavier than the iPad Brydge combo. Its just so cute too. Lol.

Submitted by Andy Lane on Friday, June 4, 2021

She says it looks cute and so pretty, I don’t know if that helps but thought you might like to know what a sighted girls opinion is. I’m pretty sure the Apple Magic keyboard is also considered cool and or pretty looking especially the white one but that would be a nightmare to keep clean. Lol.

Submitted by Andy Lane on Friday, June 4, 2021

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hey you said in your part of the world… Is that US, Mexico or somewhere else? I only ask because 15 years ago it was my dream to move to Mazatlan. I ultimately didn’t because i was scared of moving from the UK where being blind is a lot easier than in Mexico but I always wondered if I missed a massive adventure.

Submitted by Dave Nason on Friday, June 4, 2021

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Yeah the trackpad is pretty much useless with VoiceOver. You can have VoiceOver read what's under the pointer, but that brings with it all kinds of problems with VoiceOver focus, so I would recommend switching to Ignore Pointer immediately!
The trackpad cannot be used like you can on the Mac unfortunately. This doesn't bother me as I rarely use it on the Mac either, but that's personal preference.
Bear in mind though that, unlike the Mac, you do have a touch screen on the device itself.
Overall I find it to be a great accessory, albeit I'd like some software improvements.

Submitted by Andy Lane on Friday, June 4, 2021

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Hi, I really hope they continue to make improvements across the whole OS and the M1 IPad Pro suggests they have good things in store for iOS 15 but I wouldn’t be surprised if trackpad support comes with iOS 15. Have you seen the Brydge? If so do you prefer it or the Apple. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on the Apple especially when the Brydge seems about as perfect as I could ask for.

Hi Andy. No I’ve never used the Bridge. I do like the Apple one a lot, but definitely admit I could have shopped around a bit more before buying it. No real regrets but I would be curious to see others.
Yeah I’m really really hoping for big improvements in iPad OS 15. I mean have you tried to use Excel or Numbers with a keyboard and VoiceOver, it can’t be done. Not good enough.
Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but in the customised VoiceOver keyboard gestures area, they’re’s no option to assign moving to previous and next container. As iPad does not have the interaction model from Mac, containers are very important to getting around different sections and panels on the screen.
So yep, I really hope they step it up a gear this year, because it’s an amazing device which is frustratingly constrained.

Submitted by Unregistered User (not verified) on Saturday, June 5, 2021

Is it a trackpad or may be a touchpad?
If it is a trackpad then it sounds very strange that it is useless with voicover.
If it is a touchpad (I think it's a touchpad) then the uselessness is understandable.
Karina, get rid of this keyboard and take the other similar without touchpad or trackpad.
My advice.
It is your choice certainly.

Those are 2 great examples of where Apple needs to step it up, its embarrassing. I’ve spent thousands and can’t edit a spreadsheet? Get real. No way this would be accepted in mainstream. I’m sick of accepting 3rd class for a 1st class price. My biggest 2 issues are that I can’t edit text without stress. Arrowing up and down through the text always misses chunks out. This makes formatting and editing at least overly burdensome and at worst impossible. Certainly almost impossible to have an experience equal to someone looking at the screen. Another one is the size of targets we touch with our fingers. Why is there so much dead space around the keyboard? Why must I hunt for the exact set of pixels that represent the element I want to touch. It’s frustrating and doesn’t need to be. I won’t even start on the state of safari losing focus, not announcing pop ups and pop overs and elements voiceover can’t interact with otherwise my head very well may go bang. It really matters and they don’t seem to be working on it. These small issues can have massive impacts on my capabilities and state of mind while trying to achieve my goals. How productive would a sighted person be if they had to battle and fight through the number of small annoyances, ongoing frustrations and outright impossibilities on a daily basis to get simple things done that should take seconds and can end up taking hours. Apple either don’t know or don’t care. I very much hope its don’t know.

Submitted by Joe on Monday, June 7, 2021

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On the iPad magic keyboard and other Bluetooth keyboards to move by containers you press control plus and right or left arrow. I am not sure if you can change this but this is by default.
To answer the question of this thread I am using my magic keyboard now and I do like it. It’s super comfortable on my lap and for a all in one device I am loving it.

Hey Andy I'm from Mexico. In this part of the world I realized that the new version is available. The problem is that yesterday I was absolutely sure that the Bridge Pro was the best fit for my iPad Air 4 gen, in fact I just bought one last night, but then in the middle of the night I started reading the description of the devise in the bridge webpage and it says the compatibility with iPad Air 4 is limited. The back cover is not compatible nor the auto sleep/wake function.
Then at 3:00 am I canceled my order.
I don't understand why the cover and the sleep/wake function is compatible with the iPad Pro 2nd gen but not with the air 4 gen, because as far as I know, they are equally in shape and size, or am I wrong?

Also could you confirm if the hinge scratches the screen? I want to take my iPad on and of the Bridge when ever I like, but some comments in amazon say the hinge damages the screen.
On the other hand, it is very interesting you someday thought about living in Mazatlan LOL, this could be discussed in private.

Submitted by Andy Lane on Thursday, June 10, 2021

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hey, So I’m not sure about the sleep wake. I’d imagine it works fine as its just a magnet that tells the iPad to wake and all the cases are interchangeable between iPads so the sensor must be in the same place. I think the Brydge cover will fit but if I’m not wrong the Air has a rectangular camera bump and the pro has a larger square so there will be a slight gap. TBH I wouldn’t worry about that too much, I haven’t used the coversince I got it even though it fits mine fine. The reason I don’t use it is because its quite heavy and makes the ipad quite a bit thicker. Since I Got the Brydge I’ve rethought how I use the iPad. its not really just an iPad anymore. It’s more like a full laptop that has touch. You can remove the iPad from the keyboard but I’ve only done it once in a few weeks because then it just becomes an iPad again which is such a shame when it was this amazing laptop thats way better than an iPad on your knee or a table and it also has touch and iOS. The way it attaches is there is a hinge at the back just like a laptop with 2 little clamps sticking up They are about 2.5cm tall and you push the iPad down into them. They can’t scratch the iPad because they are covered in silicon on each of the surfaces that would be able to scratch the iPad. I think the only thing you’d have to know is that you need to push the iPad all the way down into the clamps before you close the iPad because they aren’t very tall so if you only pushed the iPad down a little I think it would be possible to dent or damage the iPad. That wouldn’t be a problem as long as you know to make sure its all the way down which you do now. :) As for Mazatlan, I had some of the happiest times in my life there, It’s an amazing place with just incredibly friendly and open people. I’ve actually got goosebumps all over thinking about how much of a happy time it was in my life. In the UK people aren’t as open and present as I like being. I’ve also been to Tulum and Playa del carmen on a couple of holidays and although they were amazing I didn’t feel like people were quite as natural, I guess its just tourism whereas I was visiting friends in Mazatlan so that was very different. I’d love to chat, My iMessage is About the keyboards. Why don’t you just give one of them a try. You can always return them if you don’t like them for any reason but You don’t want to miss out on how great the iPad is with a keyboard because you spend weeks trying to decide without holding one and seeing whether it gives you a better device.