Do I have the wrong extension chord included with new macbook pros?

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Hello all I received a macbook pro for christmas and have a question about the AC adapter. I saw that the new power supplies have the outlet prongs built in so I assumed that the pro wouldn't come with an extension chord. It does include one however and I'm wondering if I received the wrong one? One end is your normal 3 pronged plug, while the other is a very strange connector. It doesn't seem to fit anywhere on the power supply chord or on the macbook. The connector is sort of a plastic rectangle, not exactly sure how to describe it. Does anyone know how to use it correctly? I also thought it could be a plastic cover but it doesn't appear it can be removed or folded in/out like the prongs on the power supply. Thanks for any help.



Submitted by Brie96 on Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I had the same problem when I got my mac too. On the regular charger for the computer,the two prongd plug is removable. Once you remove that part, You can plug the end of the extension cord into it. You just have to pull the two-pronged piece out, and replace it with the extension cord. make sure you pull it out towards you, not up.

Submitted by ftealucard on Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Got it, thanks.