Dilemma; replace my ailing iPhone now, or hold out for the next model?

Hello AppleVis community:
I have a dilemma which I hope you can help me figure out. I have an IPhone 6 running the latest IOS. My problem is that it is coming apart and I need to replace it. I am trying to figure out if I should get another 6, an IPhone 7 or try and hold out until the IPhone 8 comes out in Sept.? Does anyone know what the IPhone 8 will be like? If I get the 7 now will I regret not holding out for the 8? My phone stil works fine but I am afraid to take it out of its case because the screen is coming away from the frame. Any tips, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks. Nancy



Oh boy. I'd say wait till sept of this year for the iPhone 7S/7S plus. The iPhone 8 is supposed to cost upwards of like $1000 from what I heard on apple insider. The iPhone 8 will have an OLED display, a iPhone plus sized battery, glass on all parts, including the back, wireless inductive charging, and I honestly can't remember what else. I am planning on waiting till sept to see what the 7S/7S plus look like. I honestly love the plus form factor on my 6S plus and would never get anything smaller.

iPhone 7

I upgraded from a possessed acting iPhone 5S to the iPhone 7 about two months ago, and I currently have a "tolerate/hate" relationship with the 7 due to the headphone jack situation. The 7 is an excellent phone, especially considering the state my 5S was in, but it basically forced me to buy bluetooth earbuds so I'd stop grabbing my corded headphones without the lightning adapter. I have no idea what the iPhone 8 will consist of, but honestly I think the only improvement it'll bring to the headphone situation is some way to charge and use headphones at the same time. Since your 6 is falling apart right now, I'd go ahead and upgrade to a 6S or 7. Either of the two will be an improvement on what you have now, but if you wear headphones a lot and go with the 7, expect to be buying several adapters or a wireless pair. HTH! :)

Got duct tape?


If I was in your situation, I would stick with the current phone until it falls apart. I’d tape it together if needed. LOL. And here is why.

About 7 months to go before the new line of iPhones are introduced and you will have much more to choose from as well as a wide price range. You can pick from the iPhone X, 7S, 7S Plus, 7 and 7Plus with prices going from over 1,000 dollars to the discounted prices on last year’s model with is the 7 and 7 Plus. The cellular providers may also offer free phones like they did when the 7 rolled out.

If you find yourself liking the new bells and whistles on the new iPHones, get that. If not, you’ll get a better deal on the older devices.

HTH and good luck.

Take your phone to an Apple Store.

If you show your phone to a person at the store they may fix it for you. If the only problem is that the phone is seperating they may be able to fix it with out much trouble. It may also be a manufacturers defect. It is worth a try before you spend the money on a new phone.

time for a repair?

Someone suggested getting your phone repaired. To me, this sounds like the best option, especially if you are happy with the phone that you have. If it is still under warranty, so much the better. If this is not an option, I would wait for the next models to come out. As far as knowing anything about what is to come, I don't pay one bit of attention, nor do I spread, rumors, which is all we have for now.

New Phones

Whether a new phone or a repair, remember Apple only provides iOS updates for five years after the phones first release. The iPhone 6 was introduced in 2014 and iOS updates will cease in 2019. If you decide to get a new phone, it should be then the iPhone 7 or the new release this fall, as these phones will deliver the biggest value for your money. Remember, Apple will update them longer.

As for waiting, you are at the midpoint of the release cycle. It depends on how often you use the phone and if a solid, reliable device is important to you. If it is, then get an iPhone 7. If you can wait, Apple is said to release three new phones in the fall, with one having an upgraded display. It is unclear if the other iPhones without the fancy display will have any of the new features besides an upgraded processor. All the attention is on the phone with the high end display with little being mentioned about the features of the other phones without the new LED display.