Did you hear that? A New Hooke Audio Update!

Hardware and Accessories

With its latest update coming to an iPhone near you equal access lives on.
The hooke audio company is one that over the many years I have come to love personally because of my passion and eagerness to capture my memories so I can see them anytime in my own way.
With this new update comes a sound enhancing package all rapped up with a music note bow, called 3d audio filters.
These of course let you edit your recordings before sharing.
"Huh, what did you say, theres to much noise!", well buddy, just apply the all new interview filter to your recording a little and watch your surroundings (with your ears) disappear in to the background in to the shadows of the minds ear.
Thats just one of the new filters that the update brings to you; others include a concert filter, (boom boom) deep bass, delay (echo echo echo echo echo echo), and stereo scoper filter for gentlely enhancing and doctoring up mono recordings.
All this good news makes me wish I could share...
Enter the world of hooke cessions; where you can live effortlessly through someone elses ears and the tap of a button for a second or two or ten.
Up to one minute to be exact at the moment.
Now you can experience the world from another point of view almost instantly unless your on dial up internet, then its semi instantly after, that cup of tea, your dinner, and you walk the dog; my point is, we can all share those moments with ease now.
I haven't posted in quite sometime because life does get in the way but, I'm always listening, and capturing sound the way its ment to be heard through my ears to yours!
As always feedback and suggestions welcomed here. Stay tuned for more because we all know theres more down the line.



Submitted by AnthonyM on Thursday, November 2, 2017

Justin, thanks for sharing the community. It is our goal to make Hooke Audio the most accessible recording ever. Every one's feedback here is greatly appreciated. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Anthony Mattana
Founder & CEO, Hooke Audio

Their is a button on every recording that says add 3D filter. You have to purchase the filter pack for it to work. I don't think you can do any of them for free, although I could be wrong. The pack is around $5.