Comparison between the iPhone 5s vs. the iPhone 7

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Hi guys,
OK, I've herd about the iPhone 7, and I've herd a lot of reviews on the latest phone, and I've had my phone for about 3 years. I love it. the only difference is that my current iPhone 5s doesn't have stereo speakers, and this got me wondering, should I upgrade to the new iPhone 7, or hold off on my current iPhone for 1 mor year. I'm currently with at&t, which is my current service provider. I played around with the iPhone 7 plus, it's big brother, but it's too big, and even though it provides the same features as it's counterpart, I feel that stereo is better than mono. also, since I will have the ability to use bluetooth to replace the 3.5mm hedphone jack on the new phone, I could get a Belcon dongle which will allow me to charge and listen at the same time. However, I haven't scene the iPhone 7, so I cannot tell. so, is their a comparison between the iPhone 5s vs. the iPhone 7? perhaps a guide or podcast? also, I have a total of 10 apps, and the mor apps I add, the mor my storage will get full, and I only have a 16 GB iPhone, so, which iPhone I should get for mor storage? I used to use my phone for music, but now I use my iPod for music, and my phone is now use for social nedia and other related apps. If anyone could answer my questions, that would be great. Thanks in advance.



Submitted by MikeFont on Monday, February 20, 2017

As indicated, I just made the switch from IPhone 5S to IPhone 7, and I love it! Be aware, I got the IPhone 7, not the 7plus. I felt the 7 plus was just extra display which I have no use for, and its just to wide and chunky for my medium to small hands. I think its more to the fact that I'm soooo used to the 5S, and I couldn't imagine holding something that wide just for a screen I have no use for.
The stereo speakers are really something else! I can listen to I Heart radio, and not have to wish this sounded better for all the cash I put out for this phone. lol
I have my IPhone 7 wrapped in an Otter box case, and it has a very comfortable grip and feel to it. Its a ton better then the Lifeproof case I was using with my 5S, as far as I know, Lifeproofs aren't made for the I7.
But I'm really happy with this nearly perfect Otter box case. Its water and splash resistant, but you couldn't submerge it in water for example.

Only trouble I'm having now is getting Voice over to announce my notifications, especially my news notifications. I went to set them back up in the news app, but they were already set. lol nice. Now if VO would just read them.
Oddly enough it speaks texts that come in, but not the notifications.

Anyway, hope my experience helps.

Submitted by jcdjmac (not verified) on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Congradulations! I wish I would have made the switch sooner. aw well, still thinking on it. yeah, the 7 plus is too big for my hands. BTW, I forgot to ask, how is the sound quality of the internal microphone? is it any good? I love the microphone sound quality on my iPhone 5s, but when you play it back, it sounds cd quality like. another thing I was thinking is that I have the zoom iq5, that charges with the micro USB cable, and it comes with the 3.5mm hedphone jack, so I could just use that to charge and listen at the same time, without the need to purchase a belcon dongle. their, problem solved.

Submitted by Chris on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

If I were you, I'd wait until the iPhone 8 comes out in 7 months. I use a 5S and it performs flawlessly under iOS 10. I'll wait and see if the iPhone 8 intrigues me. If not, I'll keep my iPhone 5S until 2018.

Submitted by jcdjmac (not verified) on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thanks guys, but they already discontinued the iPhone 5s in faver of the iPhone se which was introduced last year. I guess I will look at it through bestbuy, since I purchase through their.

Submitted by Justin on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Or, wait till september to see what the new phones will look like. I'd rather wait than get a iPhone 7 now, since we're in the middle of the cycle currently.