Compact Bluetooth keyboard - iOS and PC

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I'm searching for a compact Bluetooth keyboard, maybe foldable, that works with VoiceOver on iOS but also with Windows 10 and NVDA. Furthermore, I want to get rid of Mini-USB and Lightning cables wherever possible. So I try to buy USB-C-devices.
Any ideas, suggestions or recommendations?
Thanks in advance!



Submitted by X2 on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Hi, I bought a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPhone and I love it. It’s not foldable but it works really well.
iClever Bluetooth Keyboard - Rechargeable Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard with Aluminium Alloy Housing and Phone Holder, Universal Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablet Android iOS Windows
Here’s the Amazon link to it. And it charges via The android chargers. I also like it because it’s really quiet while typing. I’m not sure if it works on Windows but it says universal so I’m assuming it does.