Card reader for transferring music from sd card to Iphone7+:

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I have an App called "iospro" on my iphone. It allows me to transfer music from an sd card to my iphone7+. unfortunately I can't find the correct sd card reader to affect the transfer. Ideally I would like an sd card reader with s3everal connectors.
Thank you for recommendations.



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Friday, March 19, 2021

I purchased this reader from the US Amazon website, for about $10.00, and it works perfectly for me. It uses the iUSB Pro app. it has lightning, USB, Micro USB, and USB C ports. All ports have end caps for protection. You simply slide the micro SD card into the face of the USB port, which is identified by a thumb-shaped slot, and then put the lightning connector into the iPhone. Then the USB Pro app will allow you to transfer photos, docs, mp3 files etc. Flawless.

Note: I recommend finding something to keep the card reader in for storage because it's easy to lose the caps and the device is small. I had something that I used here already. I wouldn't just drop it into a bag because those end caps pop off easily.