Can I use Google Chromecast with VoiceOver

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Hi everyone

1. Can I, as a blind user, use Google Chromecast with VoiceOver to stream content from my iPhone to my television?

2. Can I also use the Google Chromecast Audio?

3. Can I use Google Chromecast to both stream audio to my stereo receiver and information to my television, or shall I have two devices?

4. For last - what is best, Google Chromecast or Apple TV?

Thanks in advance for the answers, and have a nice day.




Submitted by Maanling on Thursday, June 30, 2016

The answer to question 1 and 2 are both yes. Activate Airplay on your phone and select Chromecast. VoiceOver will also be audible via your tv speakers, but you can use the rotor to bring VoiceOver sound back to the phone speakers.
The answer to question 3, I don't know for sure. But I don't think so.
The answer to question 4; the Apple TV has a more stable connection when streaming stuff from your phone or Mac. It also has VoiceOver built into the device which eradicates the need for your phone when using apps like youtube or netflix. For stability, i prefer my apple tv. But I use the chromecast to make my tv into a second screen for my Mac.

Greetings from the Netherlands.