Can anybody recommend a blood pressure monitor that works well with an iPhone for taking and reading measurements?

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I've been using a Qardio blood pressure monitor for the past 4 years, and it has generally worked well - the companion app is accessible for controlling the monitor and reading the measurements when taken. It's not so great for accessibility of past measurements, but these can be accessed via the Health app.

Why I now want to throw it at the nearest wall, is that it has the worst designed battery compartment cover ever. The strip of plastic that holds the cover in place is the thickness of a hair and the strength of soft butter. I've now had 4 covers, and that strip has broken on each. Because of the nature of the battery compartment, this makes the monitor unusable unless you tape the cover firmly in place. And, taping together something that you need to rely on for accurate medical reasons simply doesn't seem like a good idea.

Qardio have replaced the covers for free in the past, but I am now just tired of this game.

I've taken a look at the Withings Connect, but there are a worrying number of comments on Amazon about unreliable readings. An accessible app is essential, but so also are accurate measurements.

So, do people have any recommendations? Thanks!



Submitted by Frankd on Thursday, October 22, 2020

I used to have a Cardio Arm BP monitor but got rid of it based on the advice of my hypertension clinic. They tested it and found that it was too inaccurate for providing useful information.
I replaced it with a Omron BP786. This machine is bigger and heavier than the Cardio machine but seems quite accurate and reliable over the last couple of years of use. I had to get sighted help to do the intial setup of the Omron but since then no Problems. I hate the companion app but it is accessible for the level that I use it. The app keeps a log of your readings which you can attach to an email that you can send to whomever.

I'm not sure what model of Omron BP monitor I have, but I bought it this summer. If you know where the bluetooth button on it is, it's on the gack when the screen is facing up, you can pair it yourself. You can look at your history through the app or connect it to your health app.

Submitted by RL on Monday, October 26, 2020

I use and highly recommend the Omron Evolv. It is a single device with two buttons. The larger button is what you press to start the BP test.

It syncs to the Omron app,, which may require some sighted help to connect, but YMMV. Once it is connected via bluetooth just have the ap open when you run a BP test and then tap sync in the app and the readings are sent to the phone where you can see them in the Omron app or in the Health app.