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I did a site search for EarPods, and although there were some sidenotes about them, I didn't find anyguides to the buttons on them. Yes, play/pause is in the middle, and volume buttons are on each side, but I learned that pressing play pause multiple times in succession can rewind or fast forward -- can't remember which. An article or EarPodcast (couldn't resist) would really help define the more advanced and less obvious functions of the EarPod buttons. If anyone has developed an easy way to remember the number of presses and what they do, I'd be interested in hearing about it.



Submitted by Siobhan on Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two taps of the button fast forwards by song. The play/pause I mean. Hold this in, and it skips around in the song you're listening too. Other then that, click to answer, click to end. so simple a baby could do it. :)

Submitted by Tristan on Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Play or pause song - press center button once. Skip song - press center button rapidly twice. Fast forward - press center button twice and hold. Back to previous song - Press center button three times Rewind - Press center button three times rapidly and hold. Volume up - plus button Volume down - minus button Answer call - press the center button. Hang up - press the center button again. Decline an incoming call - hold down the center button for 2 seconds and release. Listen for 2 low beeps that confirm the call was denied. Place current call on hold while swapping to other call - Press center button. Repeat after delay to swap to other call. Hang up current call and answer incoming call - Hold center button down for 2 seconds. When you release 2 beeps will let you know old call has been terminated and you will be on the new call. Use Siri or Voice Control - Hold down the center button. Hope this helps.

Submitted by Chelsea on Thursday, October 24, 2013

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Hi. Tristan, i really liked the thoroughness of your comment. Even I didn't remember some of the functionality, or always got confused. The original poster mentioned an easy way to remember the music order: I always do Two steps forward, three steps back. It just works for me.

I too want to thank Tristan for the thorough list of Earpod commands! That's exactly what I needed! I copied that list into my Lazy Text site on the computer to put into the iPhone's clipboard and then pasted into a note I plan on keeping handy. I think a baby would have trouble remembering all those commands, and I don't mind saying I thought that comment was less on the helpful side and more on the insulting side. Thank you, too, Chelsea. Your Neumonic for remembering the basics is great too. Especially considering the Bruce Springstein song from the eighties withth that same title, "Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back."

Submitted by sockhopsinger on Monday, November 18, 2013

The earbuds they are referring to are the ones that come with your new iPhone. Also, if you look for earbuds and/or earphones online, they should say something like Apple compatible, or iPhone compatible. Something to that effect.

Hi. You can buy them off the Apple store for 29.00 or else if you upgrade to a iPhone5 or above you'll get them. I'm not sure about the fourS only because my brother who just got his, had what looked to be the older style ones. Admittedly I didn't open them, it wasn't mine but, there's the answer.