Bluetooth stereo headset that would work with iPhone, iPad, and a Mac?

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Iʻm looking for a wireless headset - or a set of options if Iʻll need to pick more than one.
Stereo would be ideal, and in-ear is better. Something I can wear whether Iʻm running or traveling or just doing stuff home - nothing too big or expensive looking. And one that doesnʻt fall out of my head when Iʻm running. I remember vaguely reading about a model that has the handle go behind you head, on the side of your neck, a while back - that type of configuration sounds ideal.
Inside my home, Iʻd love if I could select the source: MacBook Air (Yosemite) or my iOS devices: iPhone 5 or iPad Mini 2nd gen; both iOS 8.
Outside my home, I want to use it either with my iPhone, OR with both iPhone and iPad.
Currently, if I go for a run, either itʻs an old VoiceOverless iPod I can operate, because it has a lot of music, used with an Apple in-ear wired headphone where the volume control and play/pause is on the wire to right earpiece. OR if I have to be available, then itʻs iPhone on a lanyard and stepped on my hand, with wired headphones, using the controls on the side of the iPhone (and very limited music). For music uses, wired works fine on any of my devices - for best sound, Iʻve got a headset that covers the ear that I love using with my Mac.
If Iʻm doing something else outdoors, often I have both iOS devices with me. Only iPad has a data plan, but when I need internet, itʻs with me. The problems... include that I donʻt want to whip out my iPad if I only need something quick, BUT on the same time Iʻd love to get notifications and e.g. be able to follow the directions from a map, or do something else. And I would love to be able to have some music or audiobooks or radio or white noise or podcasts or learn some languages by audio - or especially listen to movies or TV when Iʻm outside, as loud places I donʻt know that well, can make me otherwise a bit nervous. So a volume control option would be quite relevant too.



Submitted by Unuhinuiʻi on Monday, March 16, 2015

In case itʻll be useful for someone else later - I went with the Beats wireless ones.
They are the sporty style so they look like any sporty headphones. They stay in your ear, wrap around it a bit too, and itʻs got a wire that can go behind your neck or in front of you.
The controls are on top of the left ear. On/off (nice soft beep), and on bottom of it the place for the charging cable.
On the left side of the cable there is the play/pause and vol up/down controls.
They come in a few different colors. I picked a black/red model, as it matches my clothing easily. It also isnʻt too ʻscreamingʻ in color.
The battery lasts about 6 hours.
The sound is good. I love it for watching movies in some apps, or music, or some radio.
It works well with VO sounds too - they all come thru it, as do the calls. (So far I havenʻt bothered to answer any phone call so I don;t know how well it will allow to accept/reject with precision.
My biggest issue with the headphones is remembering where Iʻve got them, so one of those keychain beeper things works perfectly with it. Itʻs even in a matching color... :)

Submitted by Justin on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Nice! Just wondering, do the beats come in a zip up case? so that way you could put them on a desk or something. I had a friend's aftershokz blue first gen head phones, and they came in a nice zip up case that could store everything.

Submitted by Nicolai Svendsen on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'm looking for some of these too that would work with my iPhone in particular.

I've heard a lot about the PowerBeats2 Wireless headphones, but they're expensive as hell, although I might be able to go for those.

I'm looking for in-ear headphones that don't look too bulky, fairly stylish and once that I can run with, without the headphones slowly slipping out of my ears.


Submitted by Tina on Saturday, July 18, 2015

I am also looking for a bluetooth headset that can work with an iPhone. I am using an iPhone 6 wirh IOS 8.4.

If at all possible, I'd like a headset that costs $100 or below. I want a stereo headset with a mike and remote controls. I also want a headset that allows me to listen to audio while still being aware of my surroundings. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Saturday, July 18, 2015

In response to the last two posters, I was just looking to purchase my next Bluetooth headset and found the Plantronics BackBeat Fit on for $89.00. I own another Plantronics single-ear model and highly recommend it. The BackBeat Fit is a two-ear, behind the neck style. The reviews on this were especially informative. Of course, since I haven't purchased this yet, I can't give personal experience; however, if this model is anything similar to my current model then the quality will be really good. Even my current one-ear model has all the controls I could want. The biggest reason why I bought my current model was because of the VoiceOver style feature it has. I can find the battery status, know when it has powered on/off, etc. I believe the BackBeat Fit will do the same for you.


Submitted by kevinchao89 on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

PowerBetas3 with W1-chip have low-latency, low-quality (sound/comfort), and high battery-life. It also doesn't have multi-point, so it cannot easily switch between Apple devices (i.e. it can only connect to one device at a time).
Note: AirPods and Solo are the same.

Submitted by Justin on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I have had good luck with the Jam transit city headphones, weird name, I know! They've got good sound, have an aux jack on the right ear cup, and USB on the left for charging. No speech, but it has on/off/pairing/battery low sounds, so your good to go. Only thing I don't like is the light for when they are on/paired is n't really bright so it's hard to see, but it's doable.