Bluetooth mini keyboard

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i have a bluetooth mini keyboard. I want to say it's from hidden country or something like that. No marks on the f/j if that helps. Anyway, if anyone knows what keyboard this is can they tell me where the arrows are? Thank you.



Submitted by Bill Freeman on Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hi, Or, you can explore the keyboard's keys by going into keyboard help mode. Hold the control and option keys down and press "k". On some of the keyboards I've seen, the control and option keys are on the bottom row, to the left of the space bar. I played with a friend's mini bluetooth keyboard awhile back (not sure of the brand), and the arrow keys were accessed by holding down a function key and pressing other keys somewhere on the right side of the keyboard.

hi guys, how many rows comes on the keyboard? many times or most of the times the arrows key are located on the buttom right side. otherway I will recommend to you is the fallowing: open message app and star exploring the keyboard when you type some message or navegating through the app. Or go to YouTube and search for Bluetooth mini keyboards review and hope you find some info. Good luck!!! I think how you can find the arrows key... just go to settings/ general/ accessibility/ voiceOver/ and select for voiceOver practice in this option you can explore you keyboard touching or pressing any key. look and find the commands with the keyboard, is very fun to meet your keyboard.