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Hello all,
I am getting an iPhone 6+ and want to use a Bluetooth keyboard with the phone at work. I am totally blind and rely on V.O. I am guessing that I need a keyboard that has the Apple keys (fn, control, option, command) to make V.O. function properly. Please correct me if that statement is incorrect.
Do I need to buy a keyboard form Apple, or can I buy a third party keyboard? If a third party is an option, can anyone make some suggestions. Although compact design is nice, I don't want something so cramped that I have difficulty typing.
Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
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Submitted by Joseph Westhouse on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I believe any keyboard will work - it'll just treat Alt as Command, etc. But someone else on the site will be able to confirm or deny that, I'm sure.

If you can justify the expense, though, or can find one used for a good price, I'd heartily recommend getting an Apple wireless keyboard. My wife just found me one at a garage sale for my birthday, and I'm absolutely loving it. I really struggle to find a Bluetooth keyboard that "feels good", and this feels like typing on my MacBook at home, so I'm very happy with it.

I totally agree. I've had an Apple wireless keyboard for a few years. It comes with two rechargeable double A batteries that really last a while, the keys are not going to crimp your typing. It has a fast response, and is light weight but made of good sturdy aluminum. The only minor drawback is that there isn't an indication of whether it has been turned on or off, but that is easily found out by typing and seeing if you get a response from the iDevice. If not, it's off. It feels like typing on a really good laptop keyboard to me.

Submitted by Morgan Watkins on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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Although most Bluetooth keyboards should work for you, I would strongly recommend you only consider ones that have the Apple keyboard layout.

For what you are wanting to do, I agree with the others in this thread that suggest the official Apple Bluetooth keyboard. I used one for many years and it was a pleasant experience.

The biggest short-coming is the On/Off button as it can cause very minor confusion on occasion, but that is not a show stopper. The same action, pressing the button, turns it both on and off. As noted above, if the keyboard works, it is turned on. If it does nothing, it may be turned off.

The only time the Apple Bluetooth keyboard has been a bit of a pain was when I would put it in my backpack and then store that in the overhead compartment on a plane. The button to turn on the keyboard can be activated by bumping the side, such as when someone else crams their stuff in the overhead. At that point, the keyboard above your head may start issuing ghost commands from the heavens. However, if the Apple keyboard will be staying in your office, it is an excellent choice.

For travel, my recent favorite is the Logitech Keys-To-Go Bluetooth keyboard. It can be found at the Apple Store and Best Buy,as well as through Amazon. If you look at something like this, do make sure it is the model for Apple products. The keyboard is a bit smaller than standard, but it has a nice toggle switch for turning it on and off and it is very portable.

Good luck with your choice,


Submitted by Matthew C on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I believe I have the Logitech k760 and I love it. It is a bit bigger but not horribly so. This is due to the solar panel. It has never had charging issues for me and it is usually only kept charged via a light in a room or whatever light is streaming in from outside. The keys are very well defined and it is easy to type on. You can pair it up to 3 different devices at one time. The power switch is easy to tell if it is on or off. The pairing button is easy to find on the back.

Upon first pairing you hit the pairing button and either f1, f2 or f3 depending on which slot you want it on and connect via the device you want controlled.

All in all this is a wonderful keyboard. Also I remember getting software for it so that you could use it on a mac easily. Allowing you to use the full functions of the function keys.